Mumbai: Sewri municipal school unsafe for students

Bhavna Uchil | Updated on: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 10:21 AM IST


Mumbai: The Sewri Higher Primary School, a municipal school in Sewri is in urgent need of repairs. From the outside itself one can see the broken window panes. The school condition is more pathetic from inside with shaky wooden staircases and plasters peeling from its walls and ceilings. In one of the classrooms, the plaster from the ceiling near the ceiling fan has peeled out exposing the bricks above, making it dangerous for the students studying there. The children said despite these conditions, that the classroom is still used by the teachers, though not regularly. This could put their safety at risk.

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Nandkishore Vichare, the local Corporator admitted the civic body had been planning to repair the school building for some time now, but it has been delayed for no specific reason. He had submitted a proposal for the school’s repair over seven to eight months ago. “The BMC was hoping that a builder who has carried much of the redevelopment work in the neighbouring area would repair this building too, but for some reason the work hasn’t started,” he said. A school authority said there are plans to get ceiling fans in classrooms where there are none.


Situated near the Sewri T.B Hospital, the school seems stands out sharply in comparison to its relatively better neighbourhood. The school which earlier had Marathi and Kannada mediums no longer has Marathi medium after a high dropout rate of the students.

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