Mumbai: Father of Mohsin Sheikh wants Rohini Salian as public prosecutor in son’s murder case

Mumbai: Sadiq Sheikh, father of Mohsin Sheikh, on Monday in a letter and email requested the state government to appoint Rohini Salian as the special public prosecutor in his son Mohsin’s murder case.

Mohsin Sheikh, 28, was lynched allegedly by members of Hindu Rashtra Sena led by Dhananjay Desai in 2014, following alleged posts on Facebook in which he is accused of mocking Bal Thackrey and Shivaji Maharaj.

Shaikh said he has confidence in Salian as she has shown grit in Malegaon and other cases.

“Rohini Salian is one of the best public prosecutors in India. We have seen that she was pressured by the central government to take a soft stand against the accused belonging to the Hindu organisations in Malegoan blasts in 2008. She did not compromise and instead quit the case. We think instead of Nikam, Rohini Salian will be able to give justice to my son.”

Shaikh said he had spoken to Salian and has taken her consent. “We talked to Salian and she told us that she was ready to take the case if the state government does not have any problem.”

Earlier on June 13, Ujjwal Nikam handed over a letter from the Law and Judiciary Department of the state government about cancellation of his appointment as special public prosecutor in the Mohsin Sheikh murder case. Sadiq Shiekh had sent him letters and text messages requesting him to continue as SPP in the case.

He said, “Ujjwal Nikam is a public prosecutor of high calibre and has fought many cases involving terrorists like Ajmal Kasab in 26/11 attack in Mumbai. Hindu Rashtra Sena an internal terrorists’ organisation. We were hopeful that Nikam would give justice to my son. However now he has expressed his unavailability in the case. He has sent me message saying that due to his busy schedule he wouldn’t be able to represent the case.”

On Monday, Pune Sessions Court heard the Mohsin murder case but due to unavailability of SPP, hearing is postponed to July 4.

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