Mumbai: Buyers tag some Buildings as inauspicious over Vaastu, supernatural sightings

Mumbai: Various builders in Mumbai have alleged that religious beliefs and supernatural sightings as main reasons for which the buyers tag a particular building as inauspicious. There are number of lanes, colonies which are considered haunted which abound the city.

The builders find it difficult to name the properties as specifying the exact locations of such properties is challenging. “As such the superstitions related to properties are a localised phenomenon. In some cases, entire buildings or standalone bungalows may be considered haunted or inauspicious in some other way,” said Anuj Puri, Chairman of ANAROCK Property Consultants.

Puri added that cases may be found in individual flats, hotel rooms or even industrial units which given such a tag. Such cases are mostly found in south Mumbai, Fort area or the outskirts of the city because of their age and the fact that they have been abandoned or not lived in for a longer time.

“The reasons must be related to pseudo-religious beliefs such as Vaastu Shastra, which may cause the direction and architectural aspects of entire buildings to be considered inauspicious. In other cases, it may be specific events such as violent deaths or supernatural sightings which occurred there which give rise to such beliefs,” added Puri.

In the case of flats which are avoided by buyers for superstitious reasons, the developer may put them up for distress sale. “Selling a particular flat on distress sale is the only option left with the developer in case flats are not sold to the buyer. Distress sale is nothing but the flat is sold at a cheaper rate,” said another property consultant.

Usually in a space-crunched city like Mumbai, buyers can always be found who do not subscribe to superstitions. But there are many buyers who fall for superstitious beliefs. “I have come across several buyers who purchase only those flats where the main door is located on the southern side They term it as being inauspicious for them if the main door is not on the said side. Many religious people also demand for flats located near a temple,” said Anand Gupta, General Secretary of Builders Association of India.

Some locals residing in the Mahim area have come across haunted stories which led buyers refusing to purchase a particular flat in the area. “There is a chawl in Mahim area which has a well where a woman had committed suicide. Today, nobody walks in the lane where the well is located as people have experienced supernatural sightings there,” said a local from the area who did not wished to be named.

There are other such ‘haunted’ areas like Aarey Colony, which is supposedly tagged as haunted by the locals and nearby residents. “The road leading to Royal Palms building is tagged as haunted and hence the gate at the end of Marol is kept shut after 10pm. People do frequent the areas, but it is advised not the enter the area post 10pm,” added a local.

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