Mumbai: 26-year-old Shravan Tiwari stops train to save a dying man at Charni Road station

Mumbai: In the daily grind, when people prefer to mind their own business as they catch local trains, a 26-year-old youngster has set a fine example. Shravan Tiwari on Saturday gave a helping hand to a man who lay in a pool of blood on the railway tracks at Charni Road station.

The act of the youngster was extraordinary in these apathetic times when none amongst the hundreds of commuters, who were present on the platform, came forward to help the dying man. Tiwari, who was about to board a train for Goregaon, was shocked when he noticed a man lying on the tracks, even as commuters walked by. He claims no one bothered to summon the railway police.

“I was shocked. I decided to help since nobody else was coming to his assistance. I checked whether he was breathing; having ascertained that, I decided to rush him to the nearest hospital. But no one was ready to help me in carrying the unconscious man,” said Tiwari.

An exasperated Tiwari climbed onto the tracks and stopped an oncoming train which was about to stream into Charni Road station. “I stopped the train and told them that I will not allow the train to pass unless the man is rushed to the hospital. At that point, some people stepped out of the train and helped me take him to the Saifee hospital for treatment,” said Tiwari.

“Even after stopping the train and the ruckus that ensued, there was no sign of police or any authority,” he alleged. However, Tiwari’s problems did not end on reaching Saifee Hospital, as the staff initially refused to treat the injured person; however, they finally relented. “I am glad it worked out; had I been five minutes late, he would have died,” said Tiwari.

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