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Mind And Spirit: An Intimate Connection


Body, mind and spirit: they compose the great trinity of self. Of the three, the body is relatively simple to care for. You just feed it, exercise it and rest it. Typically, most of the challenges we face in caring for the body stem from those tricky psychological or spiritual issues. When those issues are not addressed, we tend to eat improperly, exercise too little or too much, and we don’t get enough rest.

Caring for the Mind and Spirit: Whether we are interested in developing our spiritual life or cultivating harmony on the psychological level, the key is to remember that the two are inseparable. When one is properly addressed, the other also finds its proper place. Likewise, if we cling to one and neglect the other, both sides tend to break down.

Basically, a person’s mind consists of thoughts and emotions. To be healthy on the psychological level is to have a measure of mental clarity and emotional serenity. Mental clarity translates into the ability to focus one’s attention and organize information. It also includes creativity: the ability to think outside the box. Emotional serenity translates into peace with oneself and others. It also includes a certain feeling that has no words, but if it could speak, it might say, “Life is good.”


Mental clarity and emotional serenity are the two sides of sanity. Questioning and examining one’s perceptions and beliefs promotes mental clarity, while accepting emotions promotes emotional serenity.

A person’s spirit refers to the deepest genuine self. Spiritual awareness can also include the awareness of self beyond everyday thoughts and emotions. It’s a silent feeling that seems to say, “There is more to me than my thoughts and emotions.” That awareness often includes a wordless sense of the unity of all life.

For many individuals, spiritual health includes communion with the perceived source of life: God, Higher Power, Higher Self, etc. Regardless of the name, we must relate to that Presence in a manner that feels right to us. If we feel moved to develop a relationship with the God of our understanding, we must make sure that it is God of our understanding, not someone else’s.


Spiritual health expresses most tangibly as mental clarity and emotional serenity. In other words, when we make contact with that presence or awareness that is beyond our everyday thoughts and emotions, the result is that we think clearly and feel happy and peaceful.

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