Mental Health: How to find the right therapist for you

Imagine if you’re asked to go to the super market to pick out the best jar of peanut butter. To make sure you’re getting the best, you’ll first look at the brand, then you’ll choose between the various types of peanut butter by that brand, you’ll check out the expiry and finally you’ll look at the nutritional information – all for the best jar of peanut butter. Now, if you’re asked to pick out a therapist, what will you do? You probably don’t have that checklist ready in your head, so here is the check list to finding the right therapist for you!

Check 1 – The specialty of the therapist – Every therapist always specifies his or her specialty, because just like any doctor every therapist specializes in a certain field of study. If you’re planning to go for marriage counselling then look for a relationship expert, if you’re looking for someone to counsel your child then find someone who has studied child psychology and so on. Don’t go to someone who specializes in ‘everything’, instead understand your basic problem and look for an expert who has studied that very problem infinitely.

Check 2 – The gender of the specialist – Now this might be an issue for every individual, but most people feel that there is one particular sex they can open up to more than the other. For example, if you have childhood issues which stem from your relationship with your mother, you might feel like a female therapist might be able to relate to those issues than a male one. Then again, gender is just a small point on the checklist as the capabilities of the therapist matter more than their gender.

Check 3 – Your rapport with the therapist – The best way to know which therapist suits you is to have a small session with this therapist to understand your bond, your level of comfort and how much this therapist can make you understand your own issues. The most important factor for choosing a therapist is finding a therapist who makes you feel comfortable, one who lets you open up completely as well as one who can take you through a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Check 4 – Does the therapist have the necessary qualifications? Without a psychologist degree, even your neighbour can call himself a therapist! It is very important to go to a therapist who has the appropriate educational qualifications and the license to practice, because only those therapists have the right to conduct a therapy session. A therapist with the right background will have a proper understanding of the human mind as well as the various techniques involved with dealing with the various issues at hand.

Check 5 – The cost of a therapy session – Even though this doesn’t sound like such an important criteria, it is essential to know how much a therapy session will cost because therapy is never just one session! Therapy can last for as long as you need help, so lack of finances should never be the reason for ‘no more therapy’. This is why it’s essential to make sure you find a therapist which fits your monthly budget!

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