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Maharashtra stands second in pending consumer cases


State also finds the same spot in higher number of consumer cases

Mumbai: The official data displayed on the website of National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (NCDRC), has placed Maharashtra on the second rank in the list of states with higher number of pending consumer cases across the nation.

Even on the list of states with higher number of consumer cases being filed, Maharashtra stands second.


The statistics available on NCDRC website provide data till July, this year.

According to the official statistics, out of the total 7,17,645 cases being registered across the nation, Uttar Pradesh stands first with 78,761 number of consumer cases being registered, which is followed by Maharashtra with a registration of 69,113 cases across the State.

The statistics also reveal that 1,00,435 number of cases from the total 7,17,645 cases are still piled up in the various consumer forums across the nation.


Out of the 1,00,435, a total of 11,110 number of consumer cases are pending in Maharashtra alone, thus placing the state on the second position.

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The first position in the list of state with highest number of pending cases is been given to Uttar Pradesh as a huge number of 26,549 cases are still pending in the state.


Speaking about the statistics, Uday Warunjikar, President of consumer court advocate association said, “There is an increase in consumer literacy in state but there is also no support from the government.”

“For Mumbai there are only four district forums to hear the consumer case but the situation is not the same in Delhi, which has several forums provided by the government there,” Warunjikar said.

Highlighting the major reason for the State being second highest in the number of pending cases, Warunjikar said, “So far as, State Commission is concerned, the benches at Kolhapur, Nashik, Amravati etc are having infrastructure problems since many years but the government is yet to resolve the same.”

“Apart from infrastructure, numerous vacancies is another reason as they are not been filled by the government since a long time,” Warunjikar added.

However, going by the data available, Maharashtra also stands first in the list of state with highest number of consumer cases disposed. A total of 58,003 cases are been disposed in the State till January 31, this year.

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