Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018: 16-hour count-athon!

Indore: Indian democracy has many hues. It’s script is also volatile. Together it makes a great package. Gizmowise, Indian pollmen are also very savvy. This time, voters’ verdict was bolstered by the Voters’Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). Contrary to the elections held in 2013, this time counting was unique in the sense that out of 9 candidates, the victory margin of 8 was under 10,000 votes.

Ramesh Mendola, BJP candidate, was only one who won by a whopping margin of 71,000 votes. Nehru Stadium was readied for a different kind of “One-Day” match which was a High Octane event. The adrenaline flow of more than 24 lakh voters and 96 candidates of the district reached the height as the clock struck 8 am. First the postal ballots were dispatched from the treasury located in Collector office at 6.30 am for Nehru Stadium. Sharp at 8 am, the counting of postal ballots started and subsequently from 8.30 am, EVMs were unlocked and the BIG TICKET Event rolled out.

If on November 28, the general mood of voters was lethargic, the same was reflected again on December 11. Throughout the day, the fortunes of most leaders kept swinging back and forth. However, Indore-2 BJP Candidate Ramesh Mendola was the only candidate who maintained the margin in favour of him right from the beginning of counting.

It was a tough battle in Indore-1, Indore- 3, Indore-5, Mhow, Rau, where the margin of votes went in favour of candidates of both BJP and Congress. While at Indore-2 and Indore-4, the rivals of BJP candidates Ramesh Mendola and Malini Gaud never managed to get a lead throughout the day. Counting of votes was a peaceful process at all seats of the district except Indore-3, Indore-5 and Mhow.

During the counting, on some occasions at Indore-3, BJP and Congress candidates’ supporters tried to create ruckus by raising slogans. The pace of the counting in Mhow was very slow in comparison to that in others mainly because of the distance of the strongroom. However, after the 19th round of counting, objection raised by Congress candidate Antar Singh Darbar which had put a brake further. As a result, Mhow’s outcome was declared around 8.30 pm.

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