Love’s blind, but Kriti’s sane!

The young actress feels that one can’t ignore the real world problems inspite of being immensely in love with someone

Kriti Sanon is everything today’s generation likes, and wants to be. She’s glamorous, gracious, intelligent and yet can be your girl-next-door. But Kriti thinks differently. “People who know me really well will know that there are two sides to me. My mother sometimes looks at me and wonders aloud, ‘How did this girl ever become an actress?!’ I guess it is the ‘Delhi’ in me. I can be very feminine with lace and frills, and then turn into a complete jhalla the very next moment.

I guess, it is the inherent straightforwardness that Delhiites are born with. We all have the foot-in-the-mouth disease, our brain to mouth filter is almost always dysfunctional so we tend to speak before we think… Result? The whole femininity thing goes out of the window when you least expect i!” she says laughing adding that, “But that’s the way I am. When you see me at home, I am dressed like a complete jhalla, lounging, bingeing and enjoying being around my family. But that’s why it is home, I guess? You don’t have to make an effort to be on your best behaviour.”

Be yourself

But there are times when we try to put our best foot forward, especially when it comes to relationships. Many times we become someone we are not. Nowadays when materialism is the way of the world, it’s difficult to impress someone with simplicity. “It is something I can totally understand.

It is like when you are trying to build on a crush, trying to see whether you can have a relationship, you are always trying to look good for them, be nice and stuff… But never, through the course of the relationship, should you ever stop being yourself. Because if you try to be someone else to woo them into a relationship, thinking eventually when you are on firmer ground you will show your true self to them, it is downright wrong. You are abusing the relationship and yourself,” she suggests. She also says that you can’t look your best all the time.

“It is not possible to be always dressed up, when you are in a long term relationship. That will be abnormal. But then, that doesn’t mean you won’t make the person feel special. Once in a while, couples who have been in a relationship for really long should just step outside. Just the two of them – like a date. Dress up for it. Make it known that even after all these years that you have spent together, you want to look your best for him. It is nice.

Everyone likes feeling special, and it only makes you feel happy, so what’s the harm?” asks Kriti suggesting that she too is a sucker for romance. “There is something about beaches that really does it for me. It would be ideal to have dinner by the beach, the table set for two, a nice white table cloth, with some scented candles, waves washing your feet… Someday, I would like to experience that but you know, I would equally love sharing a pizza with my loved one, at home watching a movie we both like and dressed in our pajamas and enjoying our time together. I guess, at the end of the day it boils down to who you are with. When you love someone, spending time with them is enough to make you happy, and feel loved.”

But also be realistic

Being romantic is okay, but filmy romance is not everybody’s cup of tea and that applies to film stars as well. “I love romantic films but I am sure I understand that the stuff we see in films isn’t what happens in real life. For instance, it was all achingly romantic what Aditya Roy Kapoor did in Aashiqui 2, I fell in love with that film but under no circumstances would I have behaved that way… So you see… reality is not so blind in love!” Well, we can’t agree more!- Cine Blitz

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