Know Thy Original Religion

According to the spiritual knowledge given by ‘Supreme Almighty’, we are all immortal souls, children of One Supreme . Those who imbibe this knowledge and follow the Godly injunctions of leading a virtuous life, attain a level of purity that is akin to divinity and become completely virtuous and free of all vices.

This transformation of souls is accompanied by major changes in the world whereby the crises-ridden old order vanishes and a righteous new world order emerges. This marks the end of one cycle of time and the beginning of an identical new cycle. The divine souls then take birth in this new world, which begins with the Golden Age. But after the Golden and Silver ages, which together last 2,500 years, these divine beings lose their purity and gradually get corrupted by vices.

The once-divine souls, who now become ordinary humans without divine qualities, build temples and start worshipping their own divine past form, of course without knowing that they themselves were those deities. This marks the beginning of the Hindu practice of idol worship. Further, some devout souls start writing scriptures from sub-conscious memories of the spiritual knowledge that they had received in the previous cycle from Supreme. But because of the long lapse of time from the previous cycle and their imperfect memories, these scriptures present an incomplete picture of god’s teachings and it is quite visible today in various versions of scriptures written and re-written by many learned souls.

Now, the present 5,000-year cycle of time is nearing its end, and a fresh cycle is about to begin and Almighty Supreme has come once again to re-establish the deity religion. As in the previous cycles,

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