Keep your mind calm with these simple daily hacks

Sneha Singh tells you how to keep your mind calm with simple daily hacks

What is peace…? Peace means tranquillity, freedom from disturbance. In our own tightly knit little world of man and machines, we are running at full pace, but unfortunately, we are running out of peace too. In pursuit of materialistic happiness, we often forget to take a pause. And eventually, it takes a toll on physical and mental health. Studies have proven that millennials are the biggest victims of mental illnesses, thanks to work pressure, deadlines, stressful relationships, family feuds and more. This International Peace Day, (September 21) let’s find some peace within before finding it on the world map.

Meditation is a must

Ever wondered why some people don’t get stressed in tense situations and what keeps them so calm? Obviously, they meditate! Meditation is by far the most powerful weapon to de-stress. Take at least 10 to 15 minutes for a simple seated meditation. It’s easy and convenient; you can do it on your desk during the lunch break or at home. Continued practice of meditation can alter your brain structure positively and also improve cognitive skills. If you are struggling with attention deficit, then mindfulness is a big yes for you.

Let go of the superfluous

Honestly, we all get addicted to certain things and issues that actually have less importance in our lives. And not just things, we waste our time and energy on people who don’t make much difference in our existence, for example, our crush on Instagram. Don’t waste hours checking others’ feed. Reduce screen time, note down how much time you spend on your cell phone. If you can’t find time for such things then simply let it go! You will feel good.

Be an early bird

We can understand your pain of reaching late almost everywhere and especially at office. It leads to people giving you strange looks and your boss giving you an earful. Try to make a time-table of your everyday schedule. Wake-up early and don’t sleep late at nights; late night Netflixing will cost you the next day at the office. Reach 10 minutes before time. You will see your stress levels reduced, and you will be more relaxed than usual.

Keep your mind calm with these simple daily hacks

Reduce media use

Content on cell phone, television, tablets, music, newspapers, etc. can cause turbulence in your mind. Anything in excess is harmful and the same goes for your media consumption. Watching a horror film before going to bed, can lead to you pondering over the negative aspects of the film later. Negative thoughts can cloud our minds with stress and anxiety, resulting in a lack of peace.

Be organised

Be it at home or the workplace, your space should be clean and organised. Don’t stuff your home or desk with unnecessary things as it will result in a disturbed state of mind. Clear space brings clarity to your consciousness and you tend to think better; it also improves your performance in the workplace.

Bond over weekends

We often isolate ourselves when we feel low, which is totally wrong. Isolation in times of depression or stress could be life-threatening as it gives rise to suicidal tendencies. Take some time out with your friends and family on weekends. If you can’t go meet them, invite them over. Talk, laugh, communicate, share what you feel with your close ones. Your people will surely help you find the way out if you are feeling heavy.

Creativity is key

Indulge in art as it can actually soothe your stressed out mind back to normal. Grab some colours, crayons and let yourself loose. Paint or draw what you feel and you will feel relaxed.

Print your favourite

peace quote or write it in calligraphy and frame it. Grab your camera and click pictures of nature, animals or anything which is beautiful. Follow your instincts and do what makes you happy.

Bask in nature

Mother Nature can help alleviate your mental blues. Take a walk in your nearest park; it will make you feel more connected with nature and more grounded. Disconnect yourself from people and the internet and spend time in nature’s bounty. Whether a walk along the seashore or a green park, connect with nature to find calm.

Some ‘me’ time

Solitude is essential for self-healing, as it will help you make the right decisions. Be your own best friend, think about options, ideas and give yourself advice. Go on a date alone, eat at your favourite outlet or go shopping. Groom yourself; it will improve your mental well-being. Repeat some positive affirmations that help you feel present, peaceful, and empowered.

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