Karmfal Data Shani: Rohit Khurana unplugged

Meet Rohit Khurana, who currently plays a role of Kartikey Malviya in ‘Karmfal Data Shani’ on Colors. He shares his experience, Journey, hobbies and many more

1. Playing the title role of a mythological show is a huge responsibility how you see that as an actor? Is there any extra pressure as Kartikey Malviya played it very convincingly and he is very popular too?
> Well for an actor every role is challenging. I have spent few years in this industry, done different kind of roles in movies and serial. So I think for an actor he needs to put his best efforts and let the audience be the judge of my work. Kartikey played is character beautifully and I would say he is very talented, considering he is young and the audience loved his work.

2. We often say a term Shani Dasha do you believe in Shani’s effects on humans?
> Of course I do, Shani is a planet of justice, fame and wealth. I am a very religious person, I worshipped him all throughout. Now, I am blessed to be playing the Lord himself.

3. According to you which show or character was a landmark in your career explain.
> In serial, Uttaran was a cult. It gave me the exposure that brought me closer to my audience and I would it became a turning point in my career.

4. Who is your idol/mentor in your life and why?
> My idol is my parents and then comes God. Because they brought me into this world and lord guided me to follow the path of righteousness.

5. What has been your struggle as an actor please share?
> Every actor has gone through a lot of ups and downs. When I came to Mumbai, I literally had nothing expect few bucks. I did modelling, gave auditions to earn my living. Gradually with my hard work, I came this far. I come from an average business family, where we stayed in Kaithal Haryana. I was actually born there. Then my parents moved to Delhi and started their business. I always knew If I have to be successful, I have to find my own way. So I am sure you can understand, the journey is not as easy as it looks. But then again, your struggle makes you better. I am fortunate and consider myself lucky in many ways.

6. How much time do you take to get into the look of Shani?
> It takes me close to an hour or so to get into the look of Shani.

7. What do you think of Siddharth Tiwary and Rahul Tewary the pillars of Swastik?
> They are our producers, they are extremely professional and good in what they do. One can learn a lot from them. They currently have four shows, Shani, Kaali, Porus (coming soon) and Shankar Jai Kishan.

8. You have worked in south films and one Punjabi film, what is your focus now as an actor?
> My focus is KShani right now, I devote and dedicate my efforts on one thing at a time. Let’s not forget, TV is stronger medium to reach your fans. Especially when the show is telecast every day. I am not sure if you are aware, I actually turned down a movie role, just to play Shani.

9. What are your hobbies?
> My hobbies are sports, gymming, video games & listening to music

10. Any new thing which you want to learn now and why?
> In the era of technology, everything you see is new. I am a technology geek, so everything new I see, I am intrigued to know it.

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