Indore: There are currently 1.8 billion young people between the age of 10 and 24 in the world. Out of total, 241 million youth in the age group of 10 to 24 year are Indians, which is highest in the world, according to UN report revision 2017.

However, this young population looks stressed. In humanitarian or conflict prone zones, youths may not fully express themselves without feeling uncomfortable. Addressing these issues, Free Press talked to educators, professionals and youngsters.

Know your interest

“I struggled to find my way to learn art. Learning art was not considered a profession. Sadly, many still label art as just a hobby. I have lived on footpath, sold old clothes and collected metal scrap. I do not mind any of those experiences because they helped me to discover life. Today, I live in comfort and luxury where my iron nail paintings are sold for lakhs around the world. If we let go off constraints of time and conditions, then we can make decision based on our choice.”

Engineer who loves painting

“I love painting. It is a hobby that has helped me to pay my college fees. I want to become an engineer because that was my aim. I want to be creative engineer, so I am not giving up painting. I have learned to paint on my own through internet videos and I want to continue it.”

Finding passion after 12 years

“I found that my passion was theatre when I was in first year of college while pursuing engineering. But it is difficult to make ends meet as theatre artist. I completed education and worked as chemical engineer for 12 years.  But it was not enough. I became an educator where they gave me freedom to teach and be a part of theatre again. I believe everyone should pursue his or her interest in some or the other way.”

Hopes to manage time for both

“I am doing MBBS and hope to get into radiology. I think radiology is a field that would allow me to take time off to pursue my interest – painting. I love painting. I spend hours and even weeks on a painting. Painting is my passion and I hope to continue with it.”

Support children to become innovators

“Most students are talented artists, sportspersons and writers but only few pursue their interest. It is possible to get a job in a field based on their interest but it may not be easy. We as society don’t support our children and give them confidence to live their dreams. We should encourage children to become innovators.”

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