Image Source: Pexels
Image Source: Pexels

They say men are insensitive, get into the fight quickly, hate dressing etc. But do you really feel so? If women in our life have taught us to be thoughtful, caring, and brave, then men have taught us to accept challenges and face all situations of life. It’s time we should stop stereotyping and generalising men and change our perspective. On the occasion of International Men’s Day, here are 7 things we believe men wished all women knew.

Not all men are the ‘same’
‘All men are same’ or ‘All men are dogs’ are one of the common phrases people use often. But for every ‘ idiot’ there you will find at least thousands of ‘good’ guys who treat women well. And it is really unfair to generalise all of them.

They are excellent in every role
Just like women, men don multiple hats when it comes to a relationship. There are a lot of guys who are excellent brothers, fathers, friend, husband, and boyfriend. Not to forget the fact that most of the girls actually have ‘boys’ as their best friends.

They are sensitive
A lot of them may avoid crying or expressing their emotions in front of everyone but under all that ‘bravo’ mask, they are quite sensitive. They are just like coconut, rough from outside, tender from inside.

Some are Daddy’s boys too!
There is nothing wrong in being ‘Mama’s Boy’. Well, not all boys are mama’s boys, there are ‘Daddy’s boys’ too! And if they are, then be proud of them. If they can respect their parents, they will definitely respect you too.

They love compliments
Just like women love compliments, men love them too. There are chances that they might not be used to getting compliments and might not revert with the expected answer. But trust us, everyone on this planet loves being complimented.

They can cook well
They say that the way to man’s heart is through their stomach. But some of them can make excellent cook too. If given a chance they can win our hearts through their culinary skills.

Body shamed!
Yes! They are body shamed too. A close look at television advertisements, daily soaps and movies will prove that even they are targeted and victimised. Don’t agree? Then what is ‘Fair and Handsome’ or ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’.

This International Men’s Day, make sure you take some time and make the day special for all the men in your life.

To all men in the universe, ‘Happy International Men’s Day’!

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