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Indore’s youngsters eager to fast for the right one


Indore: Excitement among youngsters for Karva Chauth is contagious as girls and boys are fasting and praying to meet their prince and princess soon.

While some feel that this tradition will bring them closer to their families, others believe that fasting will increase their chances of getting married to a homely girl. Though, single girls are not getting ‘sargi’, they are planning their day, so that it is not just a fast, but a celebration.

Mutual understanding


With the hope that her dreams will soon come true, 22-year-old marketing student Yasha Sharma is excited for Karva Chauth, as she truly believes that fasting will help her in meeting the right guy.

Talking about the right guy, Yasha quoted, “I want to be with someone who is intelligent and understanding.” She explained that someone who understands her must also understand her beliefs and traditions.

“My mother encouraged me to keep the fast, as she feels that it will attract the right person to me soon,” Yasha added.


It’s all about staying fit

While most females are excited for the fast, as it would attract the right guy, 21-year-old management student Renuka Metawalkar feels that it is an excuse to give a break to the body.

Explaining the idea, Renuka said, “Most of the time in our busy schedules, we tend to eat everything that comes our way, so it is a great idea to stop and let the body revive all the digestive juices.”


She is keeping the fast not for a groom but for her health and fitness.

Keeping the family together

Coming from a traditional family, 23-year-old advertising student Harsh Vyas has been brought up to believe that Karva Chauth will help him in finding a bride, who would love traditions, just like he does.

Elaborating his views about the fast, Harsh said, “My mother told me to keep ‘Karva Chauth’ fast, as it would increase my chances of getting a homely bride.” He dreams of marrying someone, who would love traditions and cultural activities.

“Being an only child, I feel responsible for keeping my family together, so I want someone who would stand by my side,” Harsh added.

Preparing for a  happy future

Planning and preparation are a part of management course and hence, 22-year-old Rakshita Nigam is preparing herself for after-marriage rituals as her parents are planning her marriage and finding the right groom.

Sharing her feelings, Rakshita said, “I know that I will soon get married as most girls do in my family, so I want to be prepared.” She explained that women normally keep fast after marriage, especially Karva Chauth.

“This time, I will be fasting as a rehearsal round for my future and I am hoping that I will stick to not eating and munching,”

Rakshita said. She is a foodie, so it is difficult for her to keep a fast.

For the love of  each other

Breaking the idea of Karva Chauth being a fast for women only, management student Pradeep Dewani feels that men must fast too, as it is for the longevity of companionship.

Discussing the custom and idea, Pradeep said, “I feel Karva Chauth is a fast for a couple, not just women.” He elaborated that people should fast as a couple, as it would truly revive marriage vows and bring them closer.

“Though I am single right now, I want to find someone for whom, I would like to fast,” Pradeep said. He wishes to find that someone

as a blessing from completion of this fast.

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