Indore: What’s the trend? Rolling back the dice to 80s food, music, architecture and dress-up

Indore: Following the cyclic changes from modern to vintage, people are rolling the dice back to the era of 1960s and 1980s with flared dresses, high ironed houses in pale colours, pop music and variety of traditional dishes including chats. Trending ideas of modern music, westernised jacket clothing, cut-art bright houses and cheesy fast food are becoming the new past. With their extravagant love evolving to experience retro fashion and lifestyle, youngsters are happily wearing long flowing dresses to offices and dancing to pop music.

80s trends excite her

Trends are cyclic and almost after every couple of decades we are able to switch back to the earlier one. I grew up in Kolkata where tradition is of core importance. I experienced changes in every little things even basic necessities. It was not very pleasant, but I admired bright dressing, grand houses, and pop music of the 80s.

Feel like dancing again on pop music

Traditional food is always healthy and tasty. As a dietitian, I always encourage people to opt for traditional food rather than developing new taste buds for complying with certain fad. I am really glad that meaningful lyrics are coming back. I always listen to peaceful old songs that touch my heart. Looking at dance pops and good words coming back I feel like dancing again.

Lightening up the era with bright dresses

I did not understand modern era. Now when I see that our era is coming back including songs, clothes and food, I feel like going out and exploring again. At least songs have meaning, dresses look bright and decent, and houses look calm and welcoming. Modern trends with black dresses and jeans made even weddings look dull.

Extra retro beat to 90s songs

After night, morning comes. The same way I feel about returning trends. It feels like good time is coming back with new essence. I loved old songs because they had meaning. A song of love could fill your heart with pleasant emotions and a sad one could bring tears to your eyes. Finally, composers understood that they’re insulting songs and unnecessary add-on won’t work and are just adding an extra beat to old hit songs. I don’t mind the extra beat since at least songs are better now.

Ancient feel in modern times

It is like an unsaid law that everything we do and experience returns after some time. Everything is cyclic in nature. I am glad new houses that are being built are not snazzy and hyper modernised anymore. I preferred the classic look with ‘Haveli’ feel. My favourite is return of traditional food items as they are tastier and healthier. I am happy that we can see traditional clothes from all cultures of different states. I love the ancient feel in modern times.

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