Indore: Students bag medals in CBSE Aerobics National Championship

Indore: Bagging the second position in CBSE Aerobics National Championship for under 19, students of Vidyasagar School brought pride to their parents, school and the city. Adding another trophy to the school cabinet, Shubham Meda from standard three bagged silver medal and second place trophy in under 11 individual boys competition in the same championship. The championship was held in Amity International School, Gurgaon from January 5 to 8.

Talking about the achievement of students, school principal DC Sharma said, “I am delighted to see my children moving ahead in what they love.” He was proud because children were bagging medals in the activities of their interest.

“These kids have been practising for years and trying their level best, even that is an achievement,” Sharma said. Quoting the achievement of school, he said, “It is a moment of pride and honour that our children are learning well and excelling in aerobic activity.”

Though the school has received medals in sports before, this is the first CBSE aerobics national in their list of achievements.

Sharing her delight, aerobics trainer Sapna Jain said, “This is one of the best days of my life, because my students are happy.” She elaborated that lessons are often learned during competitions.

“Lessons need not always be about winning or achieving, but experiencing and participating helps us grow as human beings,” Sapna said. She elaborated that lessons of commitment, hard work and persistent efforts are often learned with failure.

“In this competition, I felt proud of my students,” Sapna said. She explained that students exceeded her expectations in performance, commitment and hard work. “Nobody can expect students in third standard to learn a new aerobic set in three hours, but my students not only learned it but also performed it accurately,” Sapna said. She shared that students worked hard till 1 am at night before their performance at the championship.

Describing the effort of students, Sapna said, “We cleared all the rounds with flying colours and it was all because of students hard work and love for aerobics.” In her criteria, all the students are winners because they proved to be great athletes.

Team manager Anoop Tiwari said, “I am amazed to see such disciplined and hard working children.” He elaborated that kids did not quarrel or argue about anything throughout the trip.

“When people quote sportsmanship, they often talk about accepting failure and performing well, but performing as a team with concern for each member is one important aspect that I saw in their team,” Tiwari said.

Sapna Jain- aerobics instructor- Anoop Tiwari- team manager – league round-

Gurgaon- Amity International School- under 11 and 19- boys – 75 teams- per category- entry 11- 19- 25

Individual- 20- 25 Mixed ten team-

Enjoyed- new set in each category- in 3 hours prepared- practise 5 years- national- first medal- better performed- expectation- 11, 14, 19- u-19- expected performed- u-11- class 4 to 6-= 12:30 to 1 am practised-  first time-

Cbse tournament- first time- Shubam – last year- 3 rd last – 2nd year now- Principal- Dr DC Sharma- welcome

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