Indore: Solar energy needs a push says experts

Indore: A seminar on sustainable development was organised at Police Training College in Musakhedi on Friday.  Sharing their experiences and ways for sustainable development,  environmentalists and solar power experts addressed the gathering. The event was part of Jimmy memorial lecture on sustainable development.

Excerpts of their speeches

Solar powered mega kitchens

Deepak  Gadhia, president of international centre for networking, ecology, education and re-integration

We must start by using solar powers in mega-kitchens.  This will control use of fossil fuels. Such a model is successful in Shirdi. Similar models can be developed for educational institutes, ashrams, hostels and even hotels. In Mount Abu ashram, food is prepared for over 50k people every day. Imagine the volume of fuel we can save!

Solar cookers save women from smoky kitchen, rape

Janak Palta McGilligan, director of Jimmy McGilligan centre for sustainable development

Making women work in smoky kitchen is torture. We can solve this problem simply by switching over to solar cookers. Switching over to solar cookers, about 5k women in my village have found a new way of life. They had to go to jungle to cut woods, where there were harassed and raped.

Solar cookers saved them from that trauma and also empowered them to cook and sell food items commercially. Government is willing to subsidise solar power for 10kw and above but not for common users. Government should work towards smoke-free cooking, women empowerment and support solar power. Sadly, neither state nor central government is working towards the goal.

Apply and promote technology

Prof R L Sawhney, head of energy department at TERI University

Teaching about (solar) energy is not enough. Our students should be able to use it and also promote its use. Jimmy was my best student whose solar panels were power-efficient. He did not stop there. He promoted it.  Janak is working on it very well.

Sun and yoga for sustainable development

Ghanshyam Lukhi,  managing director of solar food processing industries in Surat, Uganda

Sun and yoga can make us stay healthy and happy. We can use sun to cook food, power industries and become a sustainably developed country. However, we need government to actively support us.

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