Indore: Parasites multiply in monsoon, time to remain extra cautious

Indore: As clouds take over the skies, humidity combined with heat has been forming favourable conditions for germs and parasites. And, this condition is not favourable for pets as they become more prone to infections in humid conditions.

As most pets are sensitive to environmental changes, they often suffer from various diseases during monsoon. With certain precautions, pet owners can ensure that their pet does not suffer from diseases or at least wounds do not worsen and become life-threatening.

Sharing their insights with our readers, veterinary doctors guided pet owners to ensure that their loved friend stays healthy in monsoon.

Ticks attack major cause of concern

As I have seen, most dogs suffer from infections during monsoons. The primary reason for increasing infections is attack of various ticks. Some of the common diseases that animals suffer from include diseases of skin and stomach. Following are the details of the disease along with suggested precaution for the same.

Skin disease Most animals suffer from skin diseases as fungi attacks their sensitive skin. As conditions are hot and humid, they make animals more susceptible to diseases. Though these diseases are not easily communicated to humans, they can harm the animal and further attack babies in house.

Precaution Skin infection generally starts from creating favourable moisture condition in animal paws. Therefore, it is suggested to keep their paws dry. After a walk outside, pet owners should dry pet’s paw and add anti-fungal dusting powder for safety. Further, this powder can be used all over the body once in a week.

Tick infestation Due to their favourable temperature and weather conditions, ticks grow faster and attack the animal.

Precaution One needs to be very careful about female ticks, as they tend to grow in proportion of thousands. A female tick is rounder and multiplies by laying thousand eggs at a time. Applying spot-on on the pet’s body parts helps in controlling them.

Seasonal gastroenteritis As most pets are stuck at home during rains, they tend to over-eat. Overeating causes them to suffer from seasonal stomach issues.

Precaution Be very careful about over-feeding your pet. As even pet’s life become sedentary in rains, requirement for calories lowers. If needed, pet owners can even reduce normal diet as suggested by the doctor to prevent stomach issues.

Attention to bodyweight, requisite medication necessary

Every pet is more susceptible to diseases in monsoon. When we care for a puppy, it is different than taking precautions for an adult dog. Animals grow and age faster and hence, attention to their bodyweight and requisite amount of medication is necessary. In monsoons, animals are attacked by both internal and external parasites.

Some tips on pet care

 When it comes to external parasites, ticks and flees normally attack animal’s skin. There are various anti-fungal dusting powders and spot-on liquid available, which must be used to keep pets’ body moisture free

For adults, injections and tablets must be provided to keep them safe from ticks and flees

Call your doctor if you notice redness in paws, tiny absence formation, sudden wounds on body, itching

Remember that licking wounds does not heal the animal. Rather, it further damages the pet’s health

Use Elizabeth collar in case pet suffers from wounds that he/she continuously licks

Always keep wounds covered in monsoon, as flies are likely to lay eggs on wounds, which form maggots

Apply anti-maggot drug on wounds

For home remedy, always apply turpentine oil using cotton on pet’s wound. It kills maggot and keep your pet safe

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