Indore: Nothing is impossible if one dares to scale height

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Indore: While dream is mostly an abstract phenomenon, through sweat, hard work and determination it becomes a living reality. Having dreamt of becoming an artist since his childhood, 31-year-old Dina Karan eventually took tattoo art to live and make a living.

Sharing his story of struggle and success, Karan said “I grew up in a small town called Taluk in Karnataka, where life was simple as well as limited.” Finding his love for art at a young age, he drew all kinds of designs and painted every piece of paper that he could lay his hands on.

“I participated in school and college competitions, but sadly, my parents found my talent useless,” Karan said. To his parents— homemaker mother Anjali V and businessman father Vinayakam M- art is okay for leisure, but cannot pay bills.


“They were realists and it was sadly true that I could starve to even death if I chose to be an artist there,” Karan rued. Though his parents dissuaded him from participating in interschool and state level competitions, his art stayed with him all along his life. “Following my parents’ advice, I graduated with bachelors in computer application to become a software developer at an IT company in Bangalore. I worked like a horse, most of the day at office then weekends at home,” Karan said.

While developing software may be thrilling for some, Karan could not bear the thought of writing another algorithm. “After working there for a year and half, I said to myself that I had enough. I took two months break and was browsing online for a career in art, when I came across tattoos and felt like I found my calling,” Karan said.

He researched and found an institute in Bangalore that would train him in tattoo designing three months in return for Rs 75,000. “When I told my parents about it, they were furious and after long argument, they refused to pay course fee and cut off communication with me,” Karan shared. With his savings and help from friends, he managed to pay the fee.


“It was 2008 and there were more than 100 tattoo studios in Bangalore, so it was not wise to start something there. So, I found Indore as the best place to start something new and especially tattoos. I picked up my bag with just Rs 10,000 in my pocket for starting something in Indore in 2008,” Karan said. Risking his luck with high hopes, he took a small studio on rent. “I did not make big profits and life was very tough for the first six months,” Karan said.

However, after moving into a mall with his savings, he managed to spread his art quickly. Discussing about how he patched up with his parents, Karan said “I bought gold jewelleries for the marriage of my sister (Revti V) in 2010 with all my savings (around Rs 4 lakh), and then my parents realised the worth of my art.” With passing time, his parents gradually started accepting him and even arranged his marriage.

While his patience, persistence and perseverance stood by him, in the last ten years he has transformed his initial investment to profits. Making Rs 10 lakh per annum from investment of Rs 10,000, his dreams catered the way for success and happiness in life.


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