Indore: Nature has no-drug remedies for diseases trusted by even doctors: Janak

Indore: “Be it meditating on a mountain or smelling the roses in garden, one, who lives in sync with it, can always experience the healing power of nature. While most people, who are suffering from chikungunya and dengue, are trying to fight it with medicines and drugs, nature has a no-drug solution for it that is even adopted by doctors for their family,” shared Dr Janak Palta McGilligan in an interview with Free Press.

Talking about the outbreak of diseases like dengue or swine flu in the city, Janak said, “Diseases and injuries are a part of life, but we need to understand that healing comes from life, i.e. nature.” She explained that “In severe diseases there are times, when we require medicated drugs. However, I feel nature has all our solutions in plenty and with proper guidance we can heal without damaging our system with it.” She explained that diseases like chikungunya, dengue, common cold and indigestion can be easily solved by natural medicines from plants.

Common Cold

“I remember suffering from cold for a long time very recently; in fact I had to go through a number of tests as I could barely talk,” Janak said. Later, Dr Seema Vijaywargia diagnosed it as asthmatic allergies. “I went to Dr Ashok Bajpai, who further guided me with medications and treatments. However, despite the medicines prescribed by doctors were supportive, my throat did not heal entirely. So finally, I took help from nature,” Janak said. She healed her throat with boiled common cold blend.
REMEDY: Liquorice, commonly called as mulethi + fennel seeds + cinnamon + black pepper + cloves + honey for flavour

Chikungunya and dengue

“Diseases like chickungunya and dengue are spreading from mosquitoes and the only way to fight them is by strengthening our immunity system,” Janak said. Sharing an inspiring incident, she said “Recently Dr Paremdra Thakur’s wife caught chikungunya and he called me for advice. Thakur’s wife’s body cannot take drugs, as they make her sicker. I told him to use the healing blend and thankfully all is well now.”


For injuries, especially fractures, Janak suggested, “Cook piece of cissus quadrangularis (commonly known as hadjod) in ghee made from pure cow milk and have it twice in a day.” Further, she explained that natural food with high calcium should be added to diet over use of supplements for faster recovery.

Better substitute of coffee and saffron

Talking about her latest discovery, which can be beneficial for Indoreans, she informed about non-caffeinated coffee and saffron. “We have found a locally grown grass. In fact it is often discarded as weed because it grows wild,” Janak said. She explained that this plant called ‘Pudia’ has seeds that taste and smell exactly like coffee. “This is our local coffee that favours our health and does not have caffeine,” Janak said. Further, discussing another latest discovery in her farm, she talked about local growing colouring agent. “We often spend heavy on saffron, while we can find and locally manufacture our own agent from Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (commonly known as night-flowering coral jasmine),” Janak said. She dries and uses coral jasmine stem replacing saffron with similar colour, fragrance and flavour.

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