Indore: Meeting clients, having meals tied Poonam and Anand in matrimony

Indore: When destiny has a plan, then two people meet and their paths coincide overlooking cultural and customary differences. Find their destiny together, Poonam, the 35-year-old manager (operations) at a multi-national company Poonam and Anand Tiwari, the 37-year-old senior manager (quality) at an MNC met in Indore in 2001 and never parted ways.

Born in Jhumritalaiyya in Bihar, Anand moved to Indore in 2001 to obtain M Tech degree and got a job as an assistant manager (marketing) with an MNC. “I had a team of trainees whom I had to train. I had to ensure that our monthly targets were achieved,” he said.

Among a group of graduation students, Poonam walked in as part of team. “Most trainees were boys and Poonam was the most beautiful girl in the group,” Anand said. Infatuated by her beauty, all the assistant managers hoped that she would be placed in their team. “I was lucky to get her in my team,” Anand said. Poonam too found him appealing and sincere.

“We would spend entire day together, meeting clients and having meals,” Poonam said. This helped them to become friends.  “I had trouble getting through her as she refused to share personal information but gradually I got through and she opened up,” Anand said. But it was only after Anand shared his personal life with her.

“I introduced Anand to my parents, he touched their feet and charmed them as my senior,” Poonam said. After winning her parents’ heart, he asked her for a dinner out. “He took me to Copper Chimney restaurant (now closed) and shared his feelings,” Poonam told Free Press. She was surprised and scared to discover his feelings for her.

“I told her: I keep thinking about you and I struggled to get you in my team and life. I like you and your family… and I want you to be mine,” Anand said. However, he did not force her to accept him and decided to stay patient.

“He helped my family in every possible way and impressed my parents. This removed all the fears I had about the relationship,” Poonam said. Eventually, Anand’s parents came to know about their relationship. “I tried to convince my father but he asked me to be frank and I shared my feelings and plans with Poonam,” Anand said.

Considering religious differences between Brahmins and Punjabis, her parents did not support the matrimonial union. “My father (late Ganesh Tiwari) came and met her and her family to convince them,” Anand said. Her parents were not fully convinced. “We attended his sister’s wedding and came to know about his family after which we did not find a reason to say no to their marriage,” Poonam’s mother Surinder Kaur said.

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