IATV school students at Jimmy McGilligan Centre on Tuesday. FP PHOTO
IATV school students at Jimmy McGilligan Centre on Tuesday. FP PHOTO

Indore: A group of 55 students and staff from IATV, a CBSE school of Dev Guradia, had an eco-friendly session with Janak Palta McGilligan at Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development on Tuesday.

They learnt eco-friendly lifestyle with main focus on cow-centered organic model biodiversity farm, optimum use of natural resources generating own energy harnessing ‘sun and wind power’ not just for personal use but also to provide free power supply to the community. They learnt about rainwater harvesting system as well as to avoid waste and thus not contribute to pollution.

They came to know how Janak carries her own steel glass and a handkerchief in her cloth bag to avoid generating waste. Only things she buys from market are salt, sugar, tea leaves and cooking oil. Cooking with sun has freed her from being dependent on LPG cylinder for more than two years now.

The students learnt that briquettes are prepared after mixing some agro-waste at the Centre and these are used for cooking during monsoon or when there is no sunshine. Kitchen, RO, washing and toilet water are re-used for irrigation. There are no electric geysers installed. Other ways of freedom from waste are composting, vermin composting, reusing wash and sewerage water.

“This is all I learnt from Jimmy McGilligan Centre and I want to share with people. We need to think before we waste and pollute,” said Dr R V Nandedkar, a nuclear scientist, who preferred that everyone should use natural resources because even though nuclear energy can generate lot of energy it generates more harmful waste.

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