Indore: Leopard, 5-year-old boy in same house for 20 mins

Indore: Life of a five-year-old boy was saved by residents of Sanver Road industrial area after a leopard strayed from its natural habitat and entered a house in which the minor was sleeping.

For 20 minutes, the feline and the minor boy remained in the same house but in different rooms. Fortunately, the wild cat could not spot the boy. The leopard was caught after being tranquilised by forest officials and then shifted to city zoo.

The leopard roaming on Jay Gopal Road was spotted by one Muzafar Sheikh around 8:30 am on Tuesday. He pressed the panic button but by the time residents of the locality could reach the scene, the feline ventured into Bansal factory and after crossing two other factories, landed up into Gokul factory. On the factory premises, a quarter of watchman Bhawani was located. Bhawani’s wife Pramila was cleaning utensil when she saw the feline entering the house. She was outside but her five-year-old boy Ritesh was sleeping inside the house.

Terrified with the presence of leopard in her house, Pramila immediately rushed for help and called her husband and brother who with the help of some other persons cleverly rescued Ritesh from the house.

Information of the leopard’s presence on the factory premises was given to Police Control Room who conveyed the same to forest officials. A constable of Banganga police station, Nirbhya Singh was passing from the area when she saw hullabaloo outside Gokul factory. He went inside the factory and locked the house in which the leopard was present.

About an hour later, forest officials reached the scene and caught the feline after tranquilising it.

Leopard agitated for tranquilisation

City zoo incharge Uttam Yadav, who also reached the scene on learning about the incident, said that the feline was hiding behind a bed so could not be aimed until it was agitated for moving out of the hideout.  “Forest officials tried tranquilising the leopard from ventilation of the house but they could not aim the animal as it was hiding behind a bed. They removed a brick from a wall and then tried to fire dart but still could not aim the animal. The forest officials then agitated the feline and as it moved out from the hideout, they tranquillised the feline,” Yadav said adding that the leopard was then caught and sent to city zoo. The leopard’s condition is critical, said Yadav.

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