Indore: IRIS gets a rousing start

Indore: IRIS, the three-day annual and management festival of Indian Institute of Management Indore, got off to a rousing start on Friday. The fest was inaugurated by MD and CEO of Indian Bank, Kishor Kharat.

An eminent banker, Kharat spoke about microfinance and also he took questions from the audience on demonetisation, cryptocurrency and the importance of understanding ground realities before formulating solutions. After the inaugural function, the events of fest started in which students from many b-schools from across the country are participating.

The 15th edition of Ashwamedha, the flagship leadership event of IIM Indore, was kickstarted early morning. The event, older than IRIS itself, witnessed attendees from some of the best minds from all over the country including IIMs, IIFT and ISB.

Lasya, the dance event of IRIS 2017 witnessed 16 performances by select individuals from 10 colleges in various dance forms such as classical, bollywood, hip-hop, contemporary and liquid popping among others. The event was judged by Rakshit Yadav, a renowned Indian classical artist and Vickey Dubey, an avid YouTuber who specialises in the lyrical hip-hop.

The event also boasted of participation from DID contestant too.

Gordian Knot, the flagship sales and marketing event of IRIS IIM Indore, comprised of 2 rounds divided between the morning and the afternoon slot. It involved a holistic implementation of the marketing concepts with a focussed view on “out-of-the-box” creative thinking. Staying true to its connection with the Greek mythology and the complexity involved in severing the Knot, it promises to be a fun filled ride.

Finance League kicked off with 8 teams. The teams were informed of the 1st round where in the teams had to manage their personal finances through the journey of their lives. The round consisted of three sub rounds and lasted for 3 hours.

Advaita began on schedule at 10 am with the 11 teams being briefed about the rounds and the judges for the event. This was followed by recruitment simulation wherein teams were expected to conduct mock interviews for the duration of 15 minutes each and were judged on various parameters ranging from organization person fit to relevance of previous work experience.

Neetishastra, the LIVE Consulting event of IRIS, Neetishastra saw participants from major B schools test their abilities wherein each team was sent to an industry to understand what problems each is facing, so they can start working on solving them to the best of their abilities. Some of the industries included Vinfotech, Ace engineering solutions, Shah marketing, Ascent Future Consumer Ltd.

Beat the Market was another online trading competition whose pre final round was conducted during Day 1 of IRIS. It is a sought after event for those who like keeping track of the swing in the market trends and are adept at making stock buying,selling, holding decisions. Participants who cleared the online simulation rounds were invited to compete with the other finalists on day.

Another event, Drona’s first day started with 40 students participating in the ice breaker session which tested the mettle of the teams when it came to working cohesively as a group. The second half of the day comprised a session on report writing with a management bent. At 3 pm professor Saripalli Bhavani Shankar, an IIM Indore faculty took a class on Marketing Management for all the participants. The day came to an end at 5 with everyone going to enjoy the rest of the festivities of IRIS, only to come back refreshed for Day 2!

Young managers walk the ramp

Lavanya, IIM Indore’s fashion show event, was a huge success with an audience from different b-schools in the country. The 6 teams comprised of one team from IIM Indore and one student exchange team, the rest being teams from colleges all over the country. Muskaan Deriya and Sourabh Arya were the esteemed judges for the event. The themes for the event were – Black & White western, Gangster, Gala Night, Formals, Agori and Wedding Couture. Both girls and boys walked the ramp with great enthusiasm, elegance and poise, wearing some stunning outfits.

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