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Indore: IOACON-17 offers  14 technical workshops and many more on first day


Indore  : The 62nd Annual Convention of Indian Orthopedic Association IOACON-2017 begun with discussion on various diseases and life style disorders at Brilliant Convention Centre on Tuesday.

As many as 14 technical workshops took place on the first day of the six-day-long conference in which experts demonstrated operation techniques through a body. Videos and models were also shown to give hands on experience as a part of training for the trainers.

Organising secretary of the conference, Dr Pramod Neema said, “Workshops on extending indication of interlocking nails, total knee replacement, hip preservation, knee preservation, cerebral palsy, medico-legal aspect of orthopaedic surgeons, deformity corrections and endoscopic spine took place on the first day of the conference. More than 1500 doctors have joined the first day of the conference and about 4000 doctors including 500 foreign delegates will take part in the conference with the official inauguration on Wednesday.”


Dr Neema said, “Doctors focus on reducing cost of the treatment for the patients and discussed the ways so that patient can afford a proper treatment and better life.”

Dr Mangal Parihar, Dr Suresh Pillai, Dr Ram Prabhoo and Dr Satish Vyas were the main speakers on the first day of the conference.

Six sessions would take place simultaneously in the conference for next five days in which doctors from USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Turkey, Japan and other countries will present their research papers.


“Dr Anthory of USA, Dr David Chun of Thailand, Dr Eion Winson of UK, Dr Oder Adingoz of Turkey and Dr Satish Vyas of Indore would be the main attraction of the six-day long conference,” Dr Neema said.

More young falling prey to Osteoporosis

Addressing the media, Dr Malviya from USA and Dr Neema discussed over the increasing problem of osteoporosis. Dr Neema said, “More than 30 to 40 per cent of the population in our country is suffering from the diseases even when we have the ample access to the Sun light. Not only the elder people but the young ones also suffering with the problem.” Experts said that the major reason for increasing prevalence of the disease is decreasing protein in the diet of the people. “People should start taking high protein diet and start exercising to get healthy bones,” they added.

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