Indore: In death, 32-year-old gives new lease of life to three

Indore: Indore has created history again by becoming the only city in central India to make a record of creating ‘Green Corridors’ for the 28th time in last two years to save several lives. Three more Green Corridors were prepared on Friday for speedy transportation of vital organs of a 32-year-old Pratyush Vyas.

His heart was successfully transported to Mumbai through a ‘Green Corridor’ prepared for the 28th time and was successfully transplanted to a 43-year-old male in Fortis Hospital, Mumbai while kidneys were transplanted into two patients in the city hospitals.

“The first corridor was created for a stretch of 10-km from Shalby Hospital to the city airport to transport heart. About 2:30 hours were taken for transporting the heart from Indore’s hospital to the Mumbai’s hospital. Another corridor was created for a stretch of more than 4.5 km from Shalby Hospital to Apollo Hospital to transport kidney to a patient while the third corridor was prepared to 7-km to Choithram Hospital for transporting kidneys,” activist of Muskan Group Jeetu Bagani said.

Preparations for the corridor started from Friday evening and it was successful when the first ambulance left the hospital at 2.15 pm and later the doctors left the hospital, escorted by a police van, at 2.35 pm.

City first to transplant 2 vital organs in same patient

The kidney and liver were transplanted into a 52-year-old male in Choithram Hospital and it was the first time in the city when both the vital organs were transplanted to same patient. Heart was successfully transplanted into a 43-year-old patient in Mumbai. According to Bagani, “It was decided to transplant the heart to a 53-year-old patient earlier but due to infection in his body, the organ was transplant to another patient.”

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