Indore: In Agrawal Nagar, fear of crime lingers

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Indore: Agrawal Nagar and residential colonies surrounding it are infamous for loot, frauds by fake police and chain snatching incidents. The area was so notorious that woman had stopped wearing jewellery when going out. After experiencing a period of six months of no crime, an attempt was made recently to snatch chain from a woman but the accused was nabbed by the public.

Residents say due to the notoriety the area achieved, the police increased patrolling and curbed crimes although some thefts did occur during this period. There are no less than 16 passages in Agrawal Nagar, Bhagwandeen Nagar and other colonies enabling criminals to make their escape after the crime and no arrests have been made in the cases of frauds by fake police and chain snatchings that had occurred in the past, residents added.

Some years ago, a chain was snatched from a woman, Uma Agrawal, a resident of Agrawal Nagar. She wore her jewelry on the occasion of Karva Chouth when the thieves struck. A youth who had tried to intervene and was stabbed and after getting stitches at the hospital he slipped and fell down resulting in stitches coming off and the youth died later during treatment.


Anurag Bansal, a resident, said that a man tried to snatch chain from his wife Reena on Monday but he could not succeed as Reena clung to the chain. The accused was nabbed by the public later. The area was peaceful due to police patrolling until Monday, he added.

Builder Akshay Vyas said that although police patrol the area regularly, fear of crime still lingers on and therefore residents need to be more alert and call the police when they notice suspicious characters wandering in the colony.

Major crime

  • On December 19, 2016, a chain was snatched from Reena Bansal of Agrawal Nagar. The couple chased the accused and with the help from public managed to nab him and hand him over to the police.

 The couple were returning home from temple when the incident occurred and has sacred the residents off.

  • On June 3, 2014 a chain was snatched from a woman in Indrapuri Colony while she was walking along the road with her daughter. The daughter, however, ran after the accused and grabbed him while public beat up the accused before handing him over to the police.
  • On June 11, 2014 thieves broke into the house of Banwarilal Agrawal located in Mangalmurti Nagar and decamped with jewellery and cash worth Rs 7 lakh. At the time of theft, the family was not at home.

What they say

The failed attempt to snatch chain on Monday has brought back the ghosts of past and raises a question on safety of women. The police should increase their vigilance.

Ashish Goyal, Resident, Agrawal Nagar

One has to be careful when going alone and keep an eye on suspicious characters wandering in the colony.

Deepika Agrawal, Resident

No chain snatching incidents had been reported for the last six months but it seems the criminals are back and I feel like women are not safe.

Arun Khandelwal, Resident

Agrawal Nagar, Bhagwandeen Nagar and other colonies  witnessed loot, fraud by fake police and chain snatchings which create fear among people but police have curbed such incidents.

Amarjeet Singh Sudan, Social Worker

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