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Indore: Human Dynamo: The beautiful mixture of opposites


Indore: Picking out the best of each parent, twins share birth-date but rarely share the same interest and skills. Utilising the best of their abilities and making it work for their benefit, this pair is entertaining and inspiring for those wondering about success.

Born and brought up in a mixed background of art and business, 13-year-old Rachit Chowdhury and Rajat Chowdhury are paving their own way for success. While Rachit is more traditional and prefers educational approach to life, Rajat’s creativity plays its role in finding ways to crack deals and earn profits. Talking about his life, Rachit said, “I like arts, sports, reading and mathematics.” He prefers reading motivational books as they guide his way and bring clarity.

On the other hand, Rajat, who stays away from books said, “I prefer practical knowledge and approach that makes life interesting, so it should never be limited to books.” He exclaimed at the idea of business and profits. Playing dynamo of education, Rachit has bagged several trophies in academic competitions. “Among my most treasured medals, I have won gold medals in science and mathematics Olympiad since class third,” Rachit said. Studying in class eight, he also received certificate of excellence this year.


Standing apart as an achiever, Rajat made a small business plan and earned Rs 500 from it. “I innovated a plan where I made IDs of a game named ‘Clash of Clans’, excelled in levels and sold those IDs for a profit,” he said. With almost no investment and contribution of time and skill, he created the successful business plan.

While Rachit has inherited his mother’s artistic skill, Rajat is sports champ. Sharing another achievement in his cap with humility, Rajat said, “I like swimming and basketball, during one of the incident recently, my friends and I participated in open national championship in Goa.” The team won the championship and brought gold representing the state.

Sharing their experience, parents Monica and Manish Chowdhury said, “Being blessed with twins has changed our lives in so many ways, we have learned most of our lessons from them.” They elaborated that children’s innocent fights and quick make-ups inspire them to be forgiving.
“Rachit is more like me, and Rajat is like his father and we learn more from them compared to each other because their way of working together with each other’s strength is unimaginable,” Monica said.


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