Indore: Talk about how the state government failed in tackling the farmers’ agitation the right way is refusing to die down. SHIVAM DUBEY talks to a cross section of people to find out whether the farmers’ agitation has been handled by the government to the best of its ability.

The ongoing farmers’ agitation has not sprung up all of a sudden in the state; it has been brewing up for a long time. The government fails to provide remunerative price for farmers’ crops and eliminate the stranglehold of commission agents. I personally believe our government in last few years shrugged off its responsibilities and didn’t do anything commendable for farmers. It’s a sheer shame for an agrarian country like India that our bread provider goes hungry and forced to take his life. The violence and agitation are the outcomes of the inefficiency of government.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Neelu Jain, 41,
Director at Chrysalis

My question to the government is that why such a situation arises? Precaution should have been taken in advance. I mean agitation takes place after a limit is crossed and government fails to take into consideration the plight of a farmer. It is somewhat appropriate to say that the government is ‘anti-farmer’. When economy depends on agriculture it must provide facility to persons concerned. Waive the loans and provide basic facilities. The government has not taken prompt action.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Alfia Khan, 41,
Assistant Professor, GSITS

It’s the apathy and non-cooperation of government that led to the violence and suicide of indebted farmers. Over the years, the government and all the political parties had their own axe to grind and they overlooked the demands of farmers. But violence is not the solution to any problem. Farmers too need to have a peaceful agitation. Every lock comes with a key and so does every problem. Torching vehicles and vandalism can’t be a way to get your demands fulfilled.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Janvi Hariramani, 43,
Pre-Primary Teacher

The government actually tried managing the agitation when it was out of control. Police firing in Mandsaur only made matters worse. The government was expected to manage the protest in a much more mature manner. There are instances of suicide by farmers and no solution is provided except promises by the state.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Mohammed Faizan Malik, 24,
Chartered Accountant

At the time of elections, BJP manifesto was clearly in the favor of farmers. PM Narendra Modi is very good at manipulating words. I believe nothing positive will happen to the farmers even if “e mandi” is implemented. The demand for loan waiver by farmers across the country is not unexpected as farming has become increasingly an unprofitable business.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Amandeep Hora, 24,

What farmers have done to get their demands fulfilled is not proper. Have they thought of common man? What has a common man done to harm farmers? They are also suffering like farmers. In a country like India where “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” is the motto where has this negligence towards farmers come from? Their demands are ethical but their ways are wrong. Hope government will find some proper solution.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Vijeta Sahu, 29,

The farmers’ agitation could have been handled more effectively. The government needs to focus more on the implementation of all its schemes and ensure that the real needy farmer gets the benefits. Farmers should get good infrastructure to sell their produce at a good price and at the right time. Easy credit online or with less paperwork should be made available.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Amit Bahirat, 40,
IT Professional

The farmer today rightly wants a reasonable price for his produce. Government purchase and minimum support price are all temporary and short-term measures. As directed by the Centre and as executed by Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, our state government should also remove fruits and vegetables from the Mandi Act.

Indore: Govt made a mess of handling farmers’ agitation

– Sharad Bansal, 27,

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