Indore: Exam phobia, accept your child’s result happily

Staff Reporter | Updated on: Monday, June 24, 2019, 11:15 AM IST


Indore: Out of 1,33,623 suicides in India in 2016, 7.7 per cent of them are reported from MP, where the reason for at least 2 per cent confirmed as ‘failure in examination. While not all students attempt suicide because of failure, a lot of them face depression and self-hatred.

Such feelings in students might result in personality and confidence issues in their future. While society’s view and approval cannot be changed, for students their parent’s perspective means the most. Sharing insight about how parents should handle ‘result day’, psychologist Maya Bohra talked about various key points to keep in mind.

“It is a big day, when the result comes out as it reveals various emotions of happiness, excitement, satisfaction, disappointment, anxiety or depression,” she said. Maya explained that all the parents should hug their children, to support them as they have put their best efforts and hard work to achieve academic results.


“Accept gladly whatever the result is, because parent’s acceptance boosts child’s confidence,” Maya said. She explained that few marks on a piece of paper cannot measure or predict the success of a child. “Bad result does not lessen the opportunities to get a good career option,” Maya said. She warns parents saying that even if the result is not according to the expectation, avoid giving sarcastic and negative comments.

“As a parent, you must provide them a comfort zone so that they do not get any negative emotions as a consequence of a bad result so that child can stay well and perform better,” Maya said. She quoted that parents should not put burden of expectation on them and never compares the child with other children.

“Do not catastrophize the effect of a bad result because it does not affect as much as we think,” Maya explained.


Tips on handling bad result

If the results are not as per your expectation, please do this with your children;

  • Parents should remain calm and never leave your child alone.
  • Parents must pat on shoulder with a confident message to try next time with a better plan.
  • Make them feel comfortable by talking about it in a gentle manner at tea-time or while on evening stroll.
  • Smile is the best way to see their sparkling eyes. Take them out for some sports, restaurant or movie as it is the best way to take out their own frustration or sadness/ disappointment. Do things they enjoy or you may plan a short trip.
  • The best bond is always the one which is based on togetherness. Be with them as much as you can, when alone they may try to hurt themselves or get depressed.
  • Say that you trust them that they will do wonderful with time. Remember there is always a second chance.
  • Help them refine their hobbies or interests.
  • Help them choose better alternate career options based on their abilities and aptitude.
  • Total number of suicides in a year – 1,33,623
  • Madhya Pradesh proportion – 7.7%
  • Most susceptibe age group in MP – 11 to 20 years

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