Indore: Even in death, Sumit gives life to 4 with organ failure

Indore: Giving a new lease of life to four people along with possibility of saving seven burnt patients, the Jain family from Dharampuri, Dhar donated organs of 35-year-old Sumit Jain.

With the help of Muskan group, which has been facilitating organ donation, the 19th Green Corridor was formed in the city in as many months.

Sumit, who met with a fatal road accident, was declared brain dead on April 3 at Bombay Hospital. Organ donation facilitator Jitu Bagani said Sumit was the youngest of three brothers in his family, which made him the most loved one. With 9-month-old daughter, Priyanka Jain (Sumit’s wife) is five-month pregnant.

 “It is a very tough situation for the family to even accept losing Sumit, so considering donation was off their book,” Bagani said. He added that after Sumit was declared brain dead, their counselling team met his family.

“It was a difficult task to explain the family everything about organ donation,” Bagani said. He added that the family did not know much about Green Corridor and was already broken with losing their sole bread wiener.

“We explained them and convinced them for a day and half until they finally understood that donation would save some lives and in return, they would receive blessings,” Bagani said. He added that convincing time was almost double than normal.

Sending hope for 11-year-old kid

The green corridor set up with the donation of patient’s heart has given a new hope of life to an 11-year-old student, Madhusudan Kamat in Fortis Hospital, Mumbai. The child suffers from serious heart failure that would have taken away his life in a day or two according to sources.

Sending him hope, Sumit’s heart was sent at 8:10 am from Indore through Green Corridor in an 18-minute long trip. The surgery continued for hours from morning to evening.

Hope to live long

Sanjay Rana, who has been suffering from liver ailments for years, got a new lease of life when he received Sumit’s organ.  Rana, 48,  suffered from liver disorder that caused his health to deteriorate. As reported, he would have survived couple of months at best. With liver transplant from Sumit at Bombay Hospital, he is on recovery mode with hopes of living long.

Freedom from dialysis

Providing certain freedom and ease to the life of 35-year-old Shiva Pandit, whose both kidneys had failed four years back. Since last four years, he has been on dialysis, which impedes his daily functions.

Feeling relieved from the pain of regular dialysis, Shiva is able to function normally, as disclosed by Bagani. He received the donated kidney which reached CHL hospital in four minutes through green corridor.

Another kidney was sent to Choithram Hospital. The kidney reached in 13 minute at 9:04 am. Being delivered in time, Kala Choudhary, 46 was operated with the same. His surgery was successful and his health is stable.

Preserved organs

Since eyes of Sumit are in good condition, they have been kept preserved. Bagani shared that his eyes would go through further checks and would be donated as and when required.

The largest organ of human body, skin has been donated to skin bank at Choithram hospital. As reported, the skin is healthy and would be able to recover five to seven patients depending on the case.

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