Indore: Cop, who pedals to patrol city streets

Indore: A police station in charge of city prefers using a bicycle to conduct night patrolling of the area under his jurisdiction. He does this for two reasons – he is health conscious and wants to stay healthy and he gets to have a micro look at areas under his jurisdiction.

We are talking about Azad Nagar police station in charge Kanhaiyalal Dangi. He has been doing night patrolling on his bicycle for the past three years in different police station areas, where he has been posted. During night patrolling two policemen are also accompanying him. But both of them participate in night patrolling on their motorcycle.

Daily, he conducts night patrolling for over two to three hours and covers a distance of over seven to eight km on his cycle.

Police work entails stress as cops work under pressure always. To overcome the tension and pressure associated with their line of work it is necessary for them to do some exercises. But they do not find time to do so. It was this reason that Dangi took the decision to do night patrolling on his cycle, to keep himself physically fit.

Dangi told Free Press that he starts the patrolling at about 11 pm and after covering various areas under his police station like Musakhedi, Ring Road, Shanti Nagar, Musakhedi Square, Mayur Nagar, Industrial area, Nemawar Road, Teen Imli, Azad Nagar and Madina Nagar he returns to the police station between 1 and 1.30 am.

Dangi added that he has been doing the night patrolling since 2013 when he was posted in MG Road police station, Tukoganj police station and Aerodrome police station.

The cycling habit of Dangi has inspired other policemen of the city.  They say that during cycling, they feel extra-energy in them and reduction in stress.

Downtown patrolling started since 2008

The city police had done an experiment in 2008. Named downtown patrolling, it was aimed at keeping policemen physically fit. Under this scheme every police station had been provided two bicycles to carry out the patrolling in their respective areas. This experiment had been started on the suggestion by the then district police superintendent Sanjeev Shami after getting the suggestion from then Annnapurna police station in charge Girish Subedar.

Shami had worked under United Nation’s missions in past. Therefore, he appreciated the suggestion and provided bicycles to every police station of the city along with helmets to conduct patrolling on cycles. But, after the transfer of Shami, the cycle patrolling had stopped. Dangi, however, remained the exception and continued night patrolling on his cycle.

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