Indore: Book Lovers Day Occasion to revive the reader in all of us

Indore: Only a true knowledge seeker would acknowledge the magic of curved lines of black ink in books, which are gateways to the varied world of ideas and thoughts. While, the power of book hardly means much to many, especially in this era of digitalisation; there are still millions, who prefer spending time in the company of books.

And thus, August 9 has been dedicated for such ardent book lovers as Book Lover’s Day. Though origin of the celebration is shrouded in myth and mystery, readers across the world find the occasion as pretext to delve more deep into their favourite books either in libraries or personal study rooms.

From wisdom giver, leisure mate to a best friend, books have played several important roles in man’s life. Be it novels, comics, fairytales or academics, every genre has its share of admirers from different age groups.

On this Book Lovers Day, let us find what our Indorean book lovers feel about the day and check, if their celebration could inspire us more into the world of wisdom.


Storehouse of strength and hope

At the age, when everyone loves to be busy in a playful world, I chose books as my best friend; and since the time I started deciphering the meaning of convoluted sentences in novels, I have been fond of books. I could explore a hidden writer in me only because of books. These golden lines always echo in my ears: “Everyone else may leave you, but books will never do!” Since my childhood, I reared a dream of being a famous author and this dream wouldn’t have been a reality, had books were not around me to guide. From becoming a sensible and sensitive person to the ability to pour my heart out through words, books have always guided me. Whether it is poetic clauses, dramatic versions, literature or moral virtues, every book is a source of enlightenment in abundance. Books give strength and hope to me.

Friend for life

I have always been an avid reader since my childhood. Even today I may get bored in watching some movies, but never in reading a book. From comic series Chacha Choudhary to classics and novels, I read everything I could lay my hands on. However, I am more into thriller. One of my favourite books is ‘Not without My Daughter’. I am a fan of Khuswant Singh. I always try to write something funny, and so I do not read comedies. I hardly had any interest in most of the things. I gave up CA degree and now find it a boon to have failed in it. Then, after MBA, I got a paying job. But, my heart was always for doing something that was less judged. I wrote a story related to my life, but never thought of becoming a successful writer. I write poetry for my own satisfaction and either post it online or just keep it safe in my secret collection. Writing is the only passion of mine, which I have never abandoned.

No one ever told me about Mahabharata

I love reading mythological books, as I find them enlightening and interesting. The reason, why I feel so attached to Mahabharata, is its relevance in my life. Most of us go through turmoil in life and we find ourselves in the place of Arjuna. I feel bad that I was kept away from these wonderful stories for so long. It’s not that anyone stopped me, but there was no one to introduce this epic to me throughout my school life. However, it would be bit surprising to know how I came across with this book. I picked it up unknowingly while I was buying some other books from a stall. Once I started reading the deeply philosophical conversations between its characters, I got hooked. I am glad I found the treasure.

I regret to start with Chetan Bhagat’s novel

I have always been naturally inclined towards books to settle my curiosity. I regret to start with Chetan Bhagat’s novel. I wish publishers became more responsible in selecting books that raise a human being instead of just selling whatever is consumed. Just about eight years back, I did not know what to read. I did not know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. I started reading fiction and figured out that books are written simply on observations. I then tilted towards thriller. I enjoy Dan Brown. Finally, I concluded that fiction is just a writer’s way to relax. So, I shifted to non-fiction and read books by Jawaharlal Nehru and other renowned people. Further, I read psychology like ‘Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow’. There was a phase when I was about to stop reading books, when I realised they are just observations. Then even that phase too had passed. Now, I have become more selective about books.

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