Indore: Agriculture college square speed breaker, traffic signal trouble commuters

FPJ Bureau | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 08:43 AM IST


Indore: The traffic signals and speed breakers help in vehicular traffic management. But a speed breaker just before a traffic signal at Indore Agriculture College square is causing inconvenience. Free Press talked to commuters who pass through it. Excerpts

Dr Sunil Gupta, a resident of Sampat Farms

“Speed breakers are situated just before traffic signal and stop line. The commuters sometimes stop near speed breakers and when the signal opens they move backwards risking a collision with vehicle behind them.”


Rachel Nayyar, fashion model

“Street lights in the area are not sufficient. Commuters face difficulty in seeing the speed breaker. This becomes risky during night. They should remove the speed breakers.”

Nimisha Chaurasia, architect 


 “The large-sized speed breakers cause vehicles to bounce even in slow speed. Also, zebra crossing is invisible during night. It makes it risky for pedestrians as speed breaker is not visible either at night.”

Neti Upadhyay, professional

 “The need of traffic management can be solved either by the traffic signal or the speed breakers but installing both at the same place cause troubles. The vehicles stopping at the signal roll forward and backward on speed breakers while waiting for the signal to open. This is risky.”


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