Organs being taken from CHL Hospital
Organs being taken from CHL Hospital

Indore: Three people got new lease of life as organs of 23-year-old Sanjay Kukreshwar were transplanted to them in different hospitals of the city on Wednesday. Sanjay was declared brain dead in CHL Hospital on Tuesday evening and one of his kidneys and liver were transported to two different hospitals via  two ‘Green Corridors’ while one kidney was transplanted to a patient in CHL Hospital.

Sanjay Kukreshwar, a resident of Bhagirathpura, was severely injured after falling from an electric poll while repairing the line on Monday evening. On Tuesday evening, he was declared brain dead after which Sanjay’s family members decided to donate his organs to keep their boy alive in others’ body.

Initially, liver of the patient was harvested by the doctors and it was taken to Choithram Hospital through first green corridor at around 9.30 am. Just about 15 minutes another team of doctors left the hospital with another kidney to Greater Kailash Hospital.

“Liver was transplanted in the Choithram Hospital to 56-old Satish Anand who was suffering from Hepato Cellular Carcinoma while Sanjay’s one kidney was given to a 30-year-old patient of Rewa in CHL Hospital. Another kidney was sent to Greater Kailash Hospital and was transplanted to 63-yearold woman Pushpa Shilpi,” Secretary of Indore Organ Donation Society Dr Sanjay Dixit said.

District administration, traffic police, Choithram Hospital administration, CHL Hospital administration, Greater Kailash Hospital, NGO Muskan Group and residents of the city coordinated to make green corridor for the 17th time in last 19 months.

Father took brave decision

Decision of donating the organs was taken by Sanjay’s father Girdharilal with a wish to keep his son alive even after death. His decision was supported by other family members and other family members also pledged to donate his organs.

Hearts could not be retrieved

Dr Sanjay Dixit said that heart of both the brain dead patients couldn’t be retrieved as Sanjay’s heart was not working properly while heart of Taradevi was not so healthy to retrieve and transplant.

Skins of both the patients were harvested in Choithram Hospital while corneas were harvested by MK International Eye Bank.

CHL charges Rs 60K, returns it on admin’s direction

CHL Hospital administration had taken Rs 60,000 allegedly from the family members of Sanjay at the time of admission and they even asked for more money after he was declared brain dead. However, the insensitivity of the hospital administration was circulated in media and a complaint was lodged to Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Dubey, who later intervened and directed the hospital to return all the money taken from the family members.

Family donates organs  of 68-year-old woman

Taradevi Manakchand was declared brain dead during her treatment for brain stroke at CHL Hospital on Wednesday evening. Family members of the 68-year-old woman decided to donate her organs voluntarily and contacted the members of Indore Organ Donation Society and NGO Muskan Group.

“It was not only surprising but pleasant for us that the family members voluntarily informed us to donate the organs. After completing the transplant process of Sanjay Kukreshwar, our team started preparing for another retrieval and transplant of the organs,” secretary of Indore Organ Donation Society Dr Sanjay Dixit said.

He said that Taradevi was declared brain dead on Wednesday morning at 10 am initially and at 4.40 pm for the second time.

“Liver and one kidney of the patient were transported to Choithram Hospital through ‘Green Corridor’ prepared in night and was transplanted to a patient there while one of the kidneys were sent to Bombay Hospital for transplant,” Dr Dixit said.

It was for the first time when organs of two brain dead patients were transported through green corridors in a day in the state and probably in the country. With the count of this corridor, city has created the record of creating 18 green corridors, including two on Wednesday, in last 19 months.

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