Indian woman sets Guinness record by memorising Euler’s no. to 2,500th decimal

Mumbai : A 27-year-old woman scripted her name in the Guinness World Records pages by memorising Euler’s number to 2500 decimal places.

The woman, Smriti Bagry, who works as a marketing strategy manager and tutors MBA aspirants, took one month to memorise the set of numbers.

“It took me one month to memorize all the numbers. I spent four hours a day memorizing and practising recall of the numbers. I memorized on average 150 numbers everyday. Every 5th day, I took a break to just consolidate all the numbers I had learnt thus far,” Bagry said.

Bagry applied to attempt the record in 2017 and after four months, she got the approval. A month later, she attempted the record. She set the record for recalling Euler’s number to 2500 decimal places, breaking the previous record of 2,000 decimals.

Describing her effort to achieve the goal, Bagry said, “I split the decimals into groups of five, and then placed them into lines, with each line containing 60 decimals. I memorized the decimals line by line, creating patterns between the numbers as I went along. I linked the numbers with each other by using a combination of simple math (addition, subtraction, multiplication), number patterns (palindromic patterns, repetitive patterns etc.), and placement visualization.”

Bagry took a total of 13 minutes 56 seconds and 57 milliseconds to recall Euler’s number to 2,500 decimal places.

what is Euler’s number?

Euler’s number is one of the most important constants in mathematics. It was named after its inventor, a Swiss mathematician named Leonhard Euler. Euler’s number is represented by ‘e’ and represents a constant value only. It is mainly used as the base of natural logarithm.  The value of e is equal to 2.71828 approximately.

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