“If one doesn’t like the show, then one should not watch it”- Aham Sharma

“Believe in the unbelievable” is the new mantra for TRP makers, and the numbers have become paramount factors to derive success in Indian television. Aham Ssharma, the notable protean actor of the small screen’s popular Brahmarakshas, talks with DHRITHI SUDHAKAR GULVADI about the show, his fondness towards experimenting different characters, supernatural genre and more…

The craft of supernatural shows is increasingly insipid. How would you recommend a change to make it more appealing?

I cannot comment on that. Ekta Kapoor definitely understands what people like and what the audience wants which is why most of her shows are successful. The character of Rishabh is multi-dimensional which offers me almost everything to do. He (character) sings, dances, romances; besides the tragedy happening with him. It’s a role which offered me a lot of things to do which one rarely gets to do on TV. Since I’ve also dealt with mature and intense roles I was looking for some roles which could allow me to be a little free, a little comical and carefree. It all appealed to me. Things fell together and I’m now a part of it. What should be the change in supernatural genre is something that I cannot comment on because I don’t think it is my job.

Do you think Brahmarakshas definitely suits the taste of the masses?
Since it is a successful show, people have been watching the show. It’s getting good reviews and TRPs. It’s a kind of a proof enough that it’s been liked by the people. Secondly, if one just eliminates the supernatural genre out of it and watches it as a show, I’ll say that it’s a good show otherwise too. Let’s be very realistic when it comes to TV, people are not really interested to experiment and not really open to receiving content based shows or something which is not generic in many ways. There are shows where people try to make changes, but those haven’t done well. We cannot blame anyone. It’s a change which will happen in the course of time. People who want to watch content oriented shows prefer watching online or western TV shows available. I’m sure channels and production houses want better content and better shows. The day it starts, they’ll come up with better content and stories. But as of now, shows like these are working which means people do want to watch these kinds of shows. The backdrop of Brahmarakshas is a thriller, but apart from that there is romance, family, bonding and relationships. I think it’s everything and not just the genre which we’re talking about.

Are you really content-satisfied with the show despite it being reproved?
As an actor, I need to experiment with the roles and not stick with one part. I think it being a finite show; I’d be committed to certain number of episodes. I have done few shades and a few scenes in the show, which otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do in other shows because the role offers me a lot more to do. If one doesn’t like the show, then one should not watch it. The remote control is in people’s hand and if they don’t like something then they shouldn’t watch. I can choose roles which are offered to me. Personally, I’m very happy with the role which I’m playing in the show because it has given me a lot of opportunity to enact scenes which probably a single role wouldn’t offer. Minus genre or whatever, I’m really happy that I got to play Rishabh because it has given me a lot of shades and has given me a multi-dimensional role.

Many good actors have been doing similar genre shows. Is it because of the brand Ekta Kapoor?
I was approached for many serials by Balaji and not just this one. Definitely one likes to be part of something which has a possibility and capability to portray something properly. Also as an actor, one wants to experiment with roles. One likes to play as many different roles as possible. This role is something that I haven’t done before. I hadn’t done comedy. People have seen me in more serious roles. This role offers me lighter moments and comical moments which I was looking for. People were surprised to watch me in this avatar and they would always say that I would be convincing in a comical or lighter romantic scene. As an actor I work to prove that notion. Now probably if I take up next project, I’ll try to find something which is more interesting and different from what I’ve done earlier. It’s a finite show and I’ll be committed to it for only about X number of episodes. Then I’ll move on to the next rather than doing a daily soap wherein one is stuck for 2 to 3 years, which I definitely don’t want to get in, at this point of time. I prefer doing different things for 6 to 9 months. I’m glad that Ekta Kapoor could see me playing the role because most people approach me for the kind of roles which I’ve already portrayed, those aren’t exciting anymore.

How would you measure Brahmarakshas in comparison to other shows?
I think the creatives and the makers of the show Ekta Kapoor and the gang know what they’re doing. I’ve taken up the project thinking that I liked it and I wanted to be a part of it. Now my job is to give my 100% and to do as good as I can. I just cannot sit back and think where Brahmarakshas stands next to other shows. When the story was narrated to me, I really found it interesting because it has the capability to intrigue and engage you and that is what matters I believe. We keep doing good work and if we keep coming with interesting and intriguing story-lines, people will keep watching no matter what’s coming to compete with Brahmarakshas. If we do our job well as a team, hopefully it’s going to perform the way it has been till now.
Should we see your character unfolding the mystery to a logical ending?

Well, this is something we will get to know with time. We’re not even halfway through and we can’t comment on the climax.

 (Brahmarakshas airs on Zee TV on Saturday & Sunday at 9 pm)

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