“I strongly believe in the institution of marriage”, says Pranoti Pradhan

She has a natural flair for acting. Pranoti Pradhan of Zee TV’s new show Aji Sunte Ho speaks with Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about her show, her belief in the institution of marriage and more…

What excited you to do this show?

The genre. Fiction is very less but its complete nonfiction. The concept is very different. I am doing the anchoring part of the show. Its entire concept and everything excited me to do this show. I wanted to work with Shashi Sumeet production house for a very long time and of course Zee TV. It’s my first show on Zee TV.

Since you are single in real life, do you find it challenging to address married couple’s problems?

I have been staying with my parents since my childhood. It’s not necessary to be married in order to understand marriage. I am surrounded by married couples like my parents or my aunties and uncles since childhood, so it is not a new territory for me. May be I haven’t experienced it, but I have seen a lot of marriages, so it is not that difficult. (Laughs)

As the modern society believes in live in relationships, do you think only marriage can make a relationship bona fide?

It differs from person to person. Every person perceives it differently. I strongly believe in marriage. Earlier, people from the west followed live in relationships, but now, they are welcoming marriages. The number of live in relationships is dwindling in the west, whereas the live in relationships are instigating in our country. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but I strongly believe in the institution of marriage. I believe that marriage is beautiful. It evokes responsibility towards each other and I would strongly recommend.

What was the funniest moment that you had experienced while shooting this show?

There are many, I have been laughing at so many cases of married couples who come to our show. Recently, we had asked a woman regarding things that her husband dislikes about her and I had laughed too much on listening to her reply.  We had asked a couple to take aatmavachan in our show and I had asked the woman about the changes that she would like to see in her husband. She mentioned that she deeply desires that her husband should change the habit of using her toothbrush to brush his teeth and instead use his own toothbrush to clean his teeth (laughs). Listening to such cute and emotional things makes the shooting of the entire episode fun. Especially, the games that we make them play make us laugh a lot.

Which moment touched your heart or brought tears to your eyes?

There are a lot of moments. We had asked the man to make a confession. His wife was so very emotional that she actually had tears in her eyes after listening to his confession. They forgot all their past grievances and hugged each other. There is a couple who has been married for more than 30 years and had come to our show during Karwa Chauth. They went so emotional that the wife expressed that it had been the most beautiful Karwa Chauth of her life. Such kind of moments brings tears in our eyes.

Do you think some customs and traditions in relation to marriages in India are too stereotypical and only limited to women than men?  

(Chuckles) Frankly speaking, I don’t have any objection to it. I believe that females can do anything and everything. Females are expected to do only those things that are possible for them to fulfill. I take it very positively. If females can do it, then males can do it too, for example Karwa Chauth. There are many couples who fast for their spouses. While shooting, Satish Sharmaji’s wife was fasting for him during Karwa Chauth. He was restless and was rushing to go home as he too had not eaten anything and wanted to break her fast first. It’s ok if a couple has understanding towards each other and does things for each other. It is fun to do such adorable things. It’s not like only women should do it even men can enjoy doing such things.

(Aji Sunte Ho airs on Zee TV from Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm)

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