I have married on screen 14 to 15 times: Eijaz Khan

The hunky actor Eijaz Khan, who stars as the lead in the popular show Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage produced by Saba MUmtaz and Rahul Kumar Tewary recently got married on the show. Talking about it, he says, “This is not the first time I got married on screen. I’ve been married a total of 14 or 15 times. See, most of the marriages on television are the highlights of the show, where there is a lot of celebration and everyone is happy. Its a perfect platform for all the drama. This time, we shot for 9 nights. Everyone was tired and felt like zombies. But I love shooting at night. I I am at my creative best during nights and I feel sleepy during the day.”

Talking about the rather long wedding sequence, he says, “In real life, too, when there were no means of entertainment, people celebrated each and every aspect of life and I love that. When it comes to personal life, I will have a very close knit affair and not some elaborate and dramey baaz wedding. But when it comes to television, I think it should be done and all the aspects should be incorporated in it. I recently read in the papers that some customs have that the wedding should not go beyond Rs 50,000 and I completely agree with that. But I do agree with the customs, because I have known a few friends and who have had big weddings and their parents went bankrupt! In real life, I think it’s a waste of money and time.”

I have married on screen 14 to 15 times: Eijaz Khan

Talking about working on Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Eijaz says, “Working on Yeh is quite sweet. Most of my unit is filled with young kids, and the actress playing my sister is half my age! Niyati is also half my age and they still have that innocence and they have that spunk in them which they give to me. It feels like I am reliving my youth.” About the makers of the show,

Eijaz says, “ Working with Saba Mumtaz is great. I think she is the most creative writer we have in the industry. Whenever she comes on set and gives her inputs, she completely changes the scene. She is also a very approachable producer. You can talk to her anytime. She is also very clear about what she wants. And our producer Rahul Kumar Tewary is very cool dude and I relate to him in a lot of ways. You can say that I have always been a producer’s actor. I understand their perspective and I don’t delve into the creative aspect of my acting at the cost of production and that is been my schooling when it comes to acting.”

I have married on screen 14 to 15 times: Eijaz Khan

Well, that’s a great tip, Eijaz. We’re sure you fans can hardly wait to see more of you soon!

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