‘I had to keep looking down on SRK’, says Juhi Chawla

As she speaks to Nikita Wadhawan about her cameo in King Khan’s next dwarf film, reuniting with Anil Kapoor and much more…

Juhi Chawla is an actor with a million-dollar smile, sparkling eyes, and an adorable face whose positivity and warm aura won a million hearts. The actress, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, is turning over a new leaf in her career as she reunites with some of favorite co-stars and with some young talents to bring new age stories to the audience. Juhi will be working with Anil Kapoor in ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’ and Shah Rukh Khan in his next dwarf film Excerpts from the interview:

You will be reuniting with Anil after a decade, will the audience get to see the old chemistry or will you be bringing in something new?

This is all remains to be seen. I haven’t signed it because I will be working with Anil; I loved the story and I was really enthused by it. If you look at my filmography in the past few years though it is just a few films that I have done, each one has been a film worth looking it and I like to do that kind of work. The bonus for me is that the whole cast is so nice, there are some very big names and some not so very known names but very talented actors.

This is the first time you will be sharing screen space with Sonam whom you have known since she was a kid…

Yes, it will be, I have known her for many years but never had the opportunity to work her. This film is not just a comedy, the story has many facets to it, like romance and family and it is wholesome family film.

You will also reunite with Shah Rukh Khan after almost a decade. Were you shooting for a song sequence or a scene in the movie?

No, not a song. I was part of a short sequence and I am playing myself, Juhi Chawla in the film. There are other artists in that party scene, but they all shot separately. I shot only with Shah Rukh, the other had shot their part before me.

Should we expect something unique from Shah Rukh in this film?

On the location, I had to keep reminding myself was to keep looking down on him, which was also awkward. I forgot that he would be shorter in the film. It is a very different film and he is working hard for this. It is also very demanding film for him. When he explained to me how the end product will be, I was amazed. People don’t value the months of hard work that goes in the film.

Any other former co-actors you would like to work with again?

Now-a-days I don’t get very excited about my co-actors. I would love to Aamir (Khan), Salman (Khan) and every actor who likes to do quality work. I would love to work with directors who are making films on good subject.

Do you have any filmmaker on your bucket list?

I would love to work on films like ‘Hindi Medium’ or ‘Secret Superstar’. Such films were not made by veteran filmmakers but were still exceptional. It is pleasure to see such work and would love to work with them.

With your kids in boarding school now, has it become easier for you to manage your work and family life?

Yes, and no. Until now I used to rush home in the evening as I wanted to be around them or would not schedule work when they were home for vacations, so that window has opened up. Now, I want to devote that extra time to my work whether social or professional.

But why did you choose London and not an Indian boarding school for them to continue their education?

I had no issues with the location of their schooling. They opted for it, I guess because Jay had gone to that school. They got charmed by the idea of boarding school or maybe they saw Aryan and Suhana (SRK’s children) going to boarding school. When I thought about it I realized that they will value what they had and that they will be in the country side away from traffic and pollution.

If you ever wrote an autobiography, what would be the most interesting chapter in your life?

Any life is like a story. There are many facets of me that people know but there are some which they don’t know. I would like to share them, I have even been offer to many book deals which is tempting but it requires time and looking back at things and digging up, I don’t think I am ready for it. I have seen a lot of a laughter and a lot of tears, so if I ever write that might be a very interesting chapter of my life that people are unaware of.

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