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How to enhance energy flow through the house


Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia shares tips to enhance energy flow through the house

In previous articles, we saw various ways to optimise the energy flow through the front entrance. Once energy enters the premises through the front door, it must continue flowing smoothly throughout the premises – be it a building, home, office, factory or a retail outlet; larger the property, more the energy it requires. The door and its surrounding areas help in understanding the quantum and type of energy entering the premises. Once the energy enters the premises, there has to be a collection point. For instance, rain water cannot be consumed directly; it first needs to be collected into a lake or reservoir. On collection, it has to be filtered and then evenly distributed to different parts of the city/ village. Similarly, energy entering the premises through the main entrance has to be collected near the door and then it has to be canalised properly into the premises.


A good interior design

Vastu and Feng Shui go hand in hand with architecture and interior design. And for a good interior design, having a foyer at the entrance of any premises is a must. Foyer provides privacy since it is an intermediate space between the front door and the living and dining room. If there is a foyer, a visitor standing at the main entrance has limited access to the home’s interior, thus providing privacy within the house. Foyer is a very important part of interior design as well as Vastu and Feng Shui. This is the collection and holding point for the energy that enters through the main entrance. Energy collected in the foyer then needs to be evenly distributed within the premises. Foyer is the area where you receive your guests, and hence should be functional, welcoming and warm.

Foyer for house


Size of the foyer is very important. If the house is big, a decent size of foyer is recommended. For a small apartment, the recommended size if 42” x 48”. Avoid keeping too much furniture in the foyer; small seating space with two chairs or a bench on the side can be kept. Use light-coloured furniture and a console in the foyer, with edges of the furniture rounded off. Tile or stone flooring with floral design is good for the foyer.

Shoe rack can be placed in this space, somewhere near the door frame. If the foyer is big, adding a chandelier will help with better energy flow. Interesting art or mural representing happiness, togetherness and harmony can be used on the walls or console in the foyer. Fresh colourful flowers can be kept along with storage cabinet, place to keep bags, and keys can be added in this area. Avoid hanging keys behind the front door.

Foyer for office


Reception area in the office works as an energy collector. Same as reception areas at home, the office reception restricts visitor entry directly into the office premises. The reception area must be graceful and welcoming. It immensely signifies the company and organisation. Company signage and logo needs to be placed in the reception preferably behind the reception desk or opposite to the entrance door. As per Vastu and Feng Shui, each and every shape used in any design resembles an element. Use minimal designs and shapes in reception area and for reception desks to avoid messing up the energy flow. Avoid black-coloured flooring in the reception area. It is good to provide seating space for visitors in this space. Meeting rooms connected with the reception are considered good. Door from reception area to office should not be directly opposite to the front door.

Foyer for building

Entrance lobby acts as a foyer for the building. Grand entrance for the lobby is considered good for a large building. Water body can be used in the lobby of the building, however, the type of water feature and its location needs to be checked by a Vastu or a Feng Shui expert. Avoid using water body without proper guidance. Live plants in the lobby act as energy boosters. Natural light in the lobby is highly beneficial. Building lobby should be well lit and bright. If the lobby of the building is large, have a clear signage for lifts, building wings, stairs, play area, swimming pool, etc.

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Dos and don’ts

  • Avoid keeping dried flowers/ sticks in the foyer.
  • Mirrors can be used in the foyer to enhance the energy, however, use it only under the guidance of an expert.
  • Live indoor floral plants are recommended in corners of the foyer.
  • Fresh aroma oils can be used in foyer space.
  • It is recommended to create some seating space in foyer.
  • Ceiling of the foyer is very important; it needs to be designed under the guidance of an expert.
  • Yellow lights are good in foyer area.
  • Avoid broken, sad or depressing statues.

(Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia is a Vastu and Feng Shui expert)


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