How an Experienced Coaching Faculty can Help Shape a Child’s Career

In literature, in movies and even in real life, there are endless examples of teachers who have shaped the life of their students through sheer belief and commitment.  One of the most inspirational books that encapsulate the relationship between students and their teacher is “To Sir with Love,” an autobiographical novel written by ER Braithwaite in 1959.

The story revolves around a group of secondly school students and their teacher Mr. Ricky Braithwaite. How Mr. Braithwaite influenced the lives of his students, who were unmotivated to learn through his unique and all-inclusive teaching methodology that eventually prepared them for adult life. Over the years, the book has been a source of inspiration to many teachers across the world.

From the perspective of students preparing for entrance examinations like NEET and IIT JEE, the role of faculty attached with the institute is very important.  One of the primary reasons why Aakash reviews have been mostly positive because the faculty and mentors teaching at this premium institute are involved with the students in every step of the way.

When looking for a coaching institute for one’s child, parents are often urged to check the competence of the faculty teaching at the Institute. The competence of a faculty is not only attached to his or her academic qualification but also how well they relate to the needs of the students. For further understanding, we have listed the following ways an experienced faculty member can help shape a child’s career

Understand the Child’s Pace of Learning

The learning curve of every child is different. While some understand the concepts very quickly, others can take a little longer. Considering the divrse needs of students, an experienced faculty will adopt a middle path when delivering a lecture. He or shall well neither be too fast or slow, thus addressing the need of every student.

Easy to approach

This is the most important virtue of an excellent faculty. Students should not feel threatened and can quickly approach the faculty member for counselling or doubt clarification session.  Whether during a lecture session or after it, students should be able to reach out to their mentors.  A little pep talk or a quick doubt resolution session can instantly elevate the pressure off the students. Therefore a friendly and approachable attitude is desired in a faculty member of a coaching institute.

Knows When to be Firm

A friendly disposition is a good thing, but a mentor or faculty member should also know when to be firm. This is important to keep reminding the students that competitive examinations like NEET and IIT JEE require constant hard work and dedication.

Knows when to Motivate

Since the course of preparation is usually one or two years, some students tend to go off-track.  An excellent faculty will instantly pick-up lack of motivation in a child and help them to get back on the track.

Ability to offer Academic Counselling

Some students are very hardworking, but they do not get desired results. For example, their performance in the mock test was not up to the expectation. These scenarios can be disheartening as well as demotivating for a student. In such cases, the faculty should be able to offer sound academic counselling to the students. He or she should be able to identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses or help students re-strategize their preparation efforts.

Closing Thoughts

Over the years, coaching academies like Aakash have earned good reviews and repute because the mentors and faculty hired by them showcase all the above attributes. The faculty member of the Institute takes interest in mentoring students. This is perhaps the main reason why every year so many students from the Institute crack coveted entrance examinations like IIT & JEE.

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