Heaven & hell both are on earth: Brahmakumari Sarita

Ujjain :  Senior Raj Yoga Brahmakumari Sarita Didi delivered a discourse on the 5th day of Raj Yoga Anubhuti Shivir at Satyam Shivam Sundaram Spiritual Fest organized by Prajapita Brahmakumari Divine University, on Monday. She told that heaven and hell are only the state of the earth. Heaven existed on the earth during Satyug and Tretayug whereas hell dwells in Dwapar and Kaliyug.

Brahmakumari Sarita in her thought provoking discourse expounded the true meaning of heaven and hell and told that heaven and hell cannot exist simultaneously as the day and night do not get confluence. While one uses lights to do some works, it means it is a day for the man. The present age is an age of human welfare where the almighty incarnates on the earth to practise the divine duty of imparting spiritual wisdom and Raj Yoga. Man himself is responsible for his acts. It is wrong to say that whatever is happening in the world is done by the supreme power. Man does not have to go through the state of happiness and sorrow as the fruits of his acts if the God does everything.

Interpreting the significance of the present age, Brahmakumari says, it is the most important phase of world history. It is the time to make fortune for all the acts. Hence the time should not be wasted and contemplate over the ocean of knowledge to make life worth living.

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