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Health Horizons: An Ayurvedic approach to a healthy life


Conduct to be avoided

The following conduct and habits need to be checked in the daily routine:

*Climbing trees, undergoing dangerous mountain rides, travelling in dangerous vehicles, bathing in a river flowing with force.


*      Sleeping on an uncovered, small, uneven and pillow less bed.

*      Do not step over a relative, aristocratic people, teacher, guide and worthy person, sacred trees and the shadow of an unworthy person.

*      Transgressing by keeping sacred things and worthy people on the left side while putting unholy things on the right side.


*      Keep away from uncivilized public behavior such as laughing loudly in a gathering, loud belching, yawning, coughing or sneezing without covering the mouth, blowing the nose, teeth chattering, scratching private parts, cracking nails and joints, placing limbs in awkward positions and moving ungracefully. In fact any behavior which is ill-mannered and troubles anyone else. *Staring at the sun, unprotected or at undesirable, impure and censured objects.

  • Entering late in the night and staying in temples, sacred places, near holy and auspicious trees, gardens, crossroads, graveyards and lonely places.
  • Venturing alone in a jungle or slaughter house.
  • It is unwise to show effrontery, courage or work more than one’s potential.
  • Bathing and sleeping more than required, staying awake at night, intake of excessive liquids.
  • Bathing during fatigue. Bathing without removing all clothes and without cleaning the mouth, and wearing the same clothes after bathing.
  • Maintain distance from snakes and animals with sharp horns and teeth.
  • Keeping fire under the bed. Also, one must stay away from fire when upset or unstable and after meals, especially if hands and mouth are unwashed.
  • Protect yourself against wind from the east, from sun, hail and wind storms.
  • Other things that need to be avoided are improper conduct, criminal acts, befriending wicked people, alienating people of good character, sitting for a long period with the knees drawn up.
  • Precautions while studying

Appropriate time and proper light should be arranged for studying. The main light source should be on the left or behind the person studying. Avoid studying at places where something is burning, in front of fire and during solar and lunar eclipses, important festivals, dusk and dawn. While studying, the body posture, distance and position of the book are very important factors. The reading material should neither be very close nor very far from the eyes and it should be at least one feet away from the body. Reading while lying down weakens the eyesight. Care should be taken to keep the pronunciation clear and complete when reading a loud. The voice should be neither too loud nor too soft or too harsh. Reading should not be done with too much or too little effort. Recitation should be neither too fast nor too slow and should have all the necessary intonations.

  • Norms of good conduct

Follow the universally accepted code of conduct and obey general rules and regulations. Keep an abiding faith in the cause and effect theory and the law of karma, and this should become the guiding principle of all actions.

  • Going to inappropriate places late at night is not advisable.
  • Do not eat, study, sleep and indulge in sex at dawn and dusk. This is the best time for self-realization, meditation, yoga and for spiritual and individual development.
  • Avoid alcoholism, intoxication, gambling and going to prostitutes.

*      Do not behave in an uncivilized manner and humiliate anyone. Being unfriendly and behaving rudely due to excessive pride is a wrong practice.

*      Stay away from impolite and uncultured behavior, talc bearing and using abusive words for older people, teachers, leaders and against anyone in a gathering.

*      Do not behave impatiently and too aggressively, and do not talk too much.

*     Take care of dependants and subordinates and do not look down on them.

*     Complete trust, without a suspicious nature or without being unduly dependent on someone is good.

*      Careful planning before undertaking a new project is highly recommended. Once a job is undertaken, avoid delaying, postponing and leaving it unfinished.

*     Maintain dignity in both success and defeat.

*     Avoid working with excessive happiness or anger. Being too sensitive about petty things is not wise and healthy.

*      Free yourself from bondage to your senses and mind. However, do not practice overly forceful suppression of desires.

*    Act according to your true nature and character.

*    Stop constantly thinking about past insults.

*    Your character, behavior and habits should not be a matter of ridicule. Dress appropriately.

*    Share your happiness with others.

*     Who to befriend

*     Friendship should be with people having wisdom, intelligence, pure conduct, patience, strong memory and good concentration, as well as those who have attained knowledge and maturity and those who are in the company of such people, who add value to any conversation.

*     Those who are calm, remain free from worries and stress, think with clarity and can differentiate between good and bad.

*     Those whose behavior is impeccable and who always work for the common welfare.

*     Those who support good conduct and whose name and philosophy is revered.

*     Persons not to befriend

One should not befriend those who lack the qualities enumerated above and who are deceitful, of bad character, having unrighteous conduct, who use abusive language, have unethical thoughts and a destructive mind, indulge in criticism and slander, are quarrelsome, greedy, envious, have contempt for others, are fickle-minded, cruel, unkind and those who have disruptive tendencies.

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