Has BJP bashing become the favourite past time for Liberals?

India is world’s largest democracy and it has world’s second largest population after China. India prides itself on freedom of expression, free speech, dissent and raising questions against the government. The situation in India has changed over the past three years, when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led NDA came to power with astonishing majority and changed the political discourse. The government at the centre headed by Narendra Modi has past many legislations, policies and has shown political will to take unpopular and hard decisions in the interest of the nation.

The one major setback that this present dispensation faces is from so called liberal media and the left wing or people, who claim to be intellectuals. The Left brigade have raised so many allegations ranging from minority discrimination, intolerance, Dalit atrocities and attack on the federal structure of India. The intellectuals while sitting in their cushy chairs passes judgement on India’s worsening situation, attack on fundamental rights and say that we are becoming a theocratic country like Pakistan.

Bharatiya Janata Party doesn’t shy away from conceding that they are for the majority community (read Hindus), but is this wrong for a government to stand up for its majority population. Congress over the years perfected the game of appeasing minorities at the cost alienating and ridiculing the majority and played the secular card for its political gain and said India is a diverse country, if that is not blatant discrimination then we have a very shallow understanding of the term ‘secular’ and communal.

The intellectuals, liberals will talk about lynching, Rohith Vemula suicide, JNU sedition case and nationalism, but they will conveniently brush aside and will have selective amnesia when it comes to attack on our independent army, cross-border terrorism, beheading of soldiers and issues that are related to sovereignty of Indian republic. Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU fame will be their messiah for championing the rights for downtrodden, but the same individual allegedly said that we will glorify Supreme Court convicted terrorist Afzal Guru by celebrating his death anniversary, organising beef festival and do everything in our right to defame and abuse right-wing ideologies just for the sake of it. The recent statement made by veteran CPI (M) leader Prakash Karat attacking the Indian army and questioning its integrity is nothing but the cheap publicity stunt to garner some political brownie points and to stay in the news.

India is not perfect, it has complexities, issues, grievances, but don’t ridicule the Indian voter by saying we are autocratic, totalitarian and a state where extra judicial power is responsible for the governance. The liberals will eulogise Burhan Wani, but don’t have time for widow of a farmer, soldier, policeman, who lost of his life because of stone pelting while controlling the rogue crowd, who were chanting anti-national slogans and instigating people to fight for freedom.

India is world’s second fastest growing economy and worldwide people are taking notice of India’s rise. There is no right ideology to govern a country and the leftist should understand that they are not speaking for the country and should invest their time and resources into nation building rather than bashing the democratically elected government on daily basis. India will always be a vibrant, throbbing and an independent republic.

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