‘Happy to see women doing more for themselves nowadays’, says Ayesha Adlakha

She is the girl of power. Her fearless attitude makes her the girl of today. She brought spark on the small screen with her character Revati in MTV’s Girls On Top. Chatting exclusively with The Free Press Journal, Ayesha Adlakha speaks about feminism, societal perceptions and more…

What’s your opinion about women fighting to allow themselves in temples than making themselves better beyond their gender?

I firmly believe that anything that a human being does must be gender agnostic. I think that your gender only takes you as far as the way society accepts you. But, the sort of person that you become, the sort of choices that you make and entering a temple or not actually has nothing to do with the gender. It has to do with your belief system. Having said that, I do believe that there is a very big hangover that our society faces currently about the roles that a woman is expected to play. At the same time I am very heartened to see that lots of women belonging to the educated families in the cities have broken the molds or the roles prescribed to them. They are taking a big step in doing more for themselves because they love themselves and not just because they are women.

Playing the role of a DJ in the show, what is your take on society perceiving mainstream careers like doctor, engineer etc with high standards and demeaning unconventional careers like DJ, hair stylist etc ?

I think while making a decision to follow a particular career the worry that one faces about being perceived in

Ayesha Adalkha plays the role of DJ Revati in popular MTV show Girls on Top
Ayesha Adalkha plays the role of DJ Revati in popular MTV show Girls on Top

a certain way should not enter one’s mind at all. Whether it’s a man or a woman or a girl or a boy; I don’t think one should really care about how people are going to perceive them. If they really are passionate about something and they are willing to give up so much in terms of family comfort or support etc, because their dream is so attractive to them, then I think they should completely go for it. But on the other hand, whatever parents do no matter how unreasonable it may seem to us at that moment, they are coming from a place of love. Every parents dream is to see their kids reach their highest potential, so I feel that while the intention of many of these parents is in the right place and their heart is in right place, however, more exposure to what’s happening in the world around us will help not only the child but also the parents in reconciliation to the fact that any one can do anything regardless of their gender. When it comes to respect, off course from centuries we’ve been hearing that doctor or lawyer are respectful jobs but in today’s time that is not true at all. I think anyone is respected in today’s world if they are amazing at whatever they do. They just have to be the best in the field.

What is your take on feminism?

I think the word feminism itself is very misconstrued and it’s been abused a lot for the wrong things. Feminism to me literally means equality. It does not mean that women should get the upper hand or extra opportunities or any of that stuff but it literally means the equality of the sexes. Feminism to me is to be equal as gender and at the same time acknowledging, respecting and appreciating the beauty and differences in our sex which is physical and societal which is gender. I think feminism starts when you are raising a child and when you give the same toys to the boy and the girl. Why should the girl be given dolls and the boy is given car? I think both should be able to play with both. I feel that feminism is that beautiful balance of equality and complete sameness between the two.

Define yourself in one word.

(Laughs) I am a pirate.

What is your life mantra?

There is this one quote that captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean said which I will always stick to, although it changes but at the moment it is “The only rules of what a man can do and what a man can’t do” and I have my own line to it “A woman on the other hand should be able to do both”

Any message to your fans?

I call my fans Rave Rats. Everyone is asking me as to why I call them Rave Rats and I am about to upload a video very soon explaining that. As they keep asking me as to ‘how can you be so bindaas’ or ‘how can you live like this’ or ‘you are so much like your character in real life also’, ‘so how do you do this?’ I would just like to tell them that the only thing that I think about when I make a decision or do something is my happiness. If you feel like doing something and the universe is telling you that you have to do it then I think you should just be fearless and go for it and have trust in your guts.

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