Guiding Light: Value of Moral Education
windy van zyl

Theodore Roosevelt, erstwhile President of America said “to educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Moral education is an important part of one’s life and it starts as soon as an infant is able to understand the language and the world around him/her. In simple terms, moral education starts at home when parents teach their child the right values. It is important to teach these values in the early stages of a child’s life, for them to lead a life with honesty, respect towards others, kindness, and a responsible behaviour.

At school level, moral education takes shape in form of story books, practice lessons and tests. Many schools also conduct workshops and events to spread awareness about ethical and moral behaviour among young minds. While various subjects under education can teach a child about importance of winning, moral education enables a child to understand the ethical ways to win and why it is important to choose the ethical ways. Therefore, it is very important to teach moral education, as it shapes the thinking of kids, and this becomes hard-coded in their minds.

Moral education influences a person’s social thinking and makes him/her a valuable asset in the society. In today’s modern times the value of moral education is even greater as we are always surrounded by controversial and negative news or influence. For instance, today we all are aware of how the power of social media enables us to express ourselves without any filter. Our children and even youngsters are exposed to various opinions which can impact their thinking and encourage them to differentiate between different communities, genders, work profiles and more. However, with right moral education from the beginning can help the young minds to understand what is right or wrong and also encourage them to become a good influence over others.

Today the world may be a safer place to live as per statistics but due to multiple channels of communications, we are constantly exposed to a lot more negativity and hence moral education can help your children to develop a cohesive society.

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