Go Spiritual to Attain Mental Stability

There is no doubt in it that development of science and technology during the last 100 years or so has added to the material power i.e. physical energy. But one has to accept the fact that so far it has not been able to add much to the mental power or the power of silence and peace of mind. Yet, science and the scientific technology exist through the power of mind and the level of thought which is the result of self-consciousness, which again very few of us know. We must understand that our thoughts, intentions, attitudes, emotions and actions are the reflection of our self-consciousness.

The implementation of technology and the material power may lead to beneficial purposes if mind remains in a state of silence and peace and it may lead to harmful or destructive results if mind becomes loaded with vices like ego, anger, jealousy, etc. Hence technology is a tool to be used according to one’s wisdom, will-power and the state of mind.

The scientific studies done over the years have been and are still being advanced and planned to provide comforts to human body. With the passage of time, people have become more attracted and motivated towards scientific inventions which provide physical comforts and temporary happiness. However, what we donot notice is that there has been change in our lifestyle, food-habits, and personal activity with disharmony in routine life. Our life today has become fast, miserably expensive and competitive and our thoughts are loaded with strong negativity resulting in stress and tension.

As a result of all this, we have started considering ourselves as physical body and thereby the body-consciousness dominates our life. On the other hand, while bodily-comforts are increasing, spiritual power is declining. The confidence of life has been diminished which has led to disequilibrium and disharmony in personal and social life. Peace, purity, happiness, divine insight, moral values and spiritual strength have been depleted and the attention for spiritual aspects has been neglected. Thus, it is significant, at such a time, to learn spiritual knowledge for attaining mental stability and purity of thought … to be continued

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