Genius movie: Review, Cast, Director

Film: Genius

Cast: Utkarsh Sharma, Ishita Chauhan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, K K Raina, Mithun Chakraborty, Aysha Jhulka

Director: Anil Sharma

Rating: * * ½

In his attempt to give his young son, Utkarsh, the very best vehicle to launch his career in Bollywood, Director Anil Sharma gets him to do everything imaginable of a young hero. Vasudev Shastri (Utkarsh) orphaned as a baby by riots in Mathura, brought up by a temple priest, is a genius, valorous and patriotic at once. An IIT-Jee topper, he goes through IIT at top-speed and lands an opening at RAW, because of his ability to resolve the biggest and most unsolvable computer related issues, in a jiffy. Once there, he is also trained as a spy for top-secret undercover espionage work. But a case which goes bad leaves him injured and handicapped and thereafter he has to prove himself able to the task of saving the country from evil politicians and a flaky terrorist, MRS (Nawazuddin).

Long-winded and non-substantiating, the compounding narrative careers back and forth in a dizzy spiel trying to work up enough momentum and content to validate the flimsy, unbelievable premise. We might have been able to buy into Sharma’s idea of Vasu being a Genius in computers, but when he is thrust into being a love guru and an elite commando of sorts, all at the same time, the believability begins to come asunder. To add to the problems Utkarsh doesn’t have the bulk or body tone to be believable as a super-hero able to vanquish even the bulkiest and vilest of villains.

The slick production values combined with fairly credible CGI, invigorating action and hummable music add interest to the engagement, but the ridiculous sounding dialogues, jingoistic elements, pop-patriotism, the unwieldy runtime and the confounding narrative spiel are likely to wear you out. Nawazuddin appears to be playing up to his image, Mithun Chakraborty is stiff and unyielding and Ayesha Jhulka has little to do other than offer comfort to her reel daughter. Newcomer Ishita has an appealingly fresh look and is therefore endearing. Ultimately, this made-for-Utkarsh film does enough to showcase him in a good light. Utkarsh manages to redress the nepotism charge by making his presence felt in this convoluted ‘RAW’ thriller.

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